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Sri Lanka Government Ends What It Never Did!

During the past two weeks, the Sri Lanka armed forces have continuously denied employing artillery or heavy weapons in pounding away at trapped members of the Tamil Tigers. Today, it announced it was ending the use of artillery and air strikes which is remarkable given that they have never used such weapons in recent days. “Our security forces have been instructed to end the use of heavy caliber guns, combat aircraft and aerial weapons which could cause civilian casualties.” The United Nations claims that over 6,000 civilians have died since January due to the non-existent bombardment. A doctor working in the “no-fire zone” claims the area is still being bombed. Thangamutha Sathiyamoorthy says there have been nine air strikes in his vicinity during the day.

The Sri Lanka government yesterday rejected an offer by the Tamil Tigers for a cease fire arguing the offer was a “joke,” After decades of fighting and killing it is difficult for anyone to accept the Tamil Tiger claim they seek a cease fire for “humanitarian” reasons. They are whipped, they are defeated, and want a face saving way to surrender. Unfortunately, the struggle has lasted too long and they will not receive any consideration by the government.

Sri Lanka Rejects Cease Fire

The Sri Lanka government rejected an offer from rebel Tamil Tigers for a cease fire. As government forces are drawing the noose tighter around the rebels the victorious army did not appear interested in giving rebels who have been fighting for decades any opportunity to obtain their desire to appear as though both sides were exhausted and ready to end the war. Rebel forces had announced, “All of LTTE’s offensive operations will cease with immediate effect” on grounds of humanitarian reasons. The Sri Lanka government responded with a smirk, “What is the need for a cease fire when they are running away? They should first lay down their arms, surrender, and let the people go.”

It is too late for the LTTE to obtain any concessions from the Sri Lanka government after killing thousands of innocent people and even refusing to allow civilians to escape the trap. The end is the end.