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Sweden Passes New Surveillance Law

The easiest way to get a bill passed dealing with the rights of people is to shout the ever popular “it’s a security issue.” The Swedish government has been under pressure from the military for increased power to examine phone and email communications from Swedish citizens that are being sent across borders. The Swedish parliament responded by passing a new surveillance law by a vote of 143 to 138 which empowers the National Defense Radio Establishment(FRA), which is a private organization despite its name, to monitor emails and phone communications which go across the national border. The FRA, unlike the police, do not need a court order in order to initiate surveillance of people.

The FRA insists it will only examine emails which go across the Swedish border, but they will have to first read all emails in order to determine which are crossing the border. This is simply another step in fear and confusion stemming from 9/11. The enemy is not all knowing, but terrorists certainly know enough these days not to disclose important data in an email going across a border.