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Surprise: Some Schools Block Poor Children Attending!

A new study by the Sutton Trust in the United Kingdom reveals news that is only about one hundred years old– many schools seek the entry of children from more affluent backgrounds and work hard not to admit children from poorer families. Some statics in New York City indicate for the vast majority of white children in the system they will rarely encounter a black child in their class. The Sutton Trust study indicates that hundreds of comprehensive schools covertly select children from wealthier backgrounds and make certain not too many of those poor children enter their pearly gates of wisdom. A few English cities like Brighton have a lottery system, but the vast majority work to have the “right students” in their schools.

The bottom line as the study proves is that many “schools don’t always reflect the areas they are drawing students from.” My question is: Who needs to study the obvious, just go to schools in urban areas? It sure saves money.