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Who Is In Charge Of Pakistan??

First, the Pakistan government turned over the Swat Valley to the Taliban and allowed it to impose sharia law and kill opponents. If there is a government in Pakistan how can they sanction a terror group imposing law, burning down schools for girls and beheading opponents? Who exactly is in charge? In the face of government weakness, the Taliban entered another region, Buner and began imposing its version of the law. It appears the Pakistan government is finally grasping the salami tactics of the Taliban mean they eventually will head for the capital. Many Pakistan leaders are now demanding action against the Taliban even as some Taliban leaders are heading for Buner to persuade their colleagues to leave before the entire Pakistan army gets the message that action is the only way to deal with the Taliban.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Pakistan that abdicating to the Taliban was the most certain way to destroy democracy in their nation. Some Pakistan officials claim giving the Taliban some power is helping their nation because their intolerant behavior frightens the masses of Pakistan and will lead to strong support for military action to destroy the Taliban.

Talban Expand Power In Pakistan

The Pakistan government arranged a “peace agreement” with the Taliban which allowed Islamic fanatics to impose Sharia law in the Swat Valley and, in effect, become the ruling power in the region. This display of weakness has only made the Taliban more confident of their power and hundreds of its soldiers were sent into the neighboring Buner district where they quickly made clear Sharia law was now in effect and they would decide what happens in the area. A Taliban commander said they would establish strict Islamic sharia courts in Buner, but would allow the police to continue their work dealing with local criminals.

In theory, the agreement between the Pakistan government and the Taliban was for disarmament in exchange for the right to impose sharia law. Taliban leaders must be laughing at this naive attitude on the part of President Zardari who actually believed the Taliban would adhere to any agreement! At some point, Zardari has to get a touch of reality and send in the army to restore his government’s power. Or, Pakistan will witness a salami tactic by the Taliban of slicing off one district at a time until one day Zardari wakes up to discover he is now an ineffectual president of a Taliban nation.

Pakistan Taliban Invite Osama To Vacation In Swat Area

The United States has spent billions to upgrade the Pakistan military in order to defeat the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Several weeks ago, the Pakistan government turned over to the Taliban control over the Swat Valley, once regarded as a favorite resort area for Pakistanis. A spokesman for the Taliban told the Associated Press local militants would welcome Osama bin Laden to come to the Swat Valley and enjoy its beauty and firm Islamic rule. “Osama can come her. Sure, he’s like a brother they can stay anywhere they want. We will help them and protect them.” The Pakistan government responded with anger to the idea that Osama bin Laden would be given refuge in its territory. Of course, last week, Pakistan President Zardari signed off on legislation which allows the Taliban to impose sharia law in the Swat region. Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani praised the agreement and said it brought peace to the region.

Isn’t it about time that any money given to Pakistan’s military had to have strings and conditions? The once secular Swat Valley is now a Taliban controlled strict Muslim area. What exactly are we seeking to achieve in Pakistan? Does anyone know?

Pakistan Supports Taliban While Opposing It!

Pakistan is supposedly an ally of the Western world in the fight to end Taliban terrorism and abuse of the rights of women but the Pakistan legislature voted to support the infamous Nizam-e-Adi Regulation for the Swat Valley which, in effect, imposes Taliban sharia rule in the region although the new laws will be in violation of the Pakistan constitution. The National Assembly passed a resolution in favor of the draft regulation. “Yes the president has signed the Nizam-e-Adi Regulation,” said a spokesperson. The National Assembly unanimously passed a resolution recommending the president sign the agreement with the Taliban.

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MOM) is opposed to the agreement. Its leader Chief Altah Hussain says he refuses to accept the Talibanisation of the Swat Valley and institution of sharia law. Of course, the United States will be sending billions to Pakistan leaders who are endorsing the Talibanisation of the Swat Valley and loss of rights by women and those who dare speak openly against the Taliban.

Sound Of Silent Outrage In Pakistan

The world has become outraged at the sight of a seventeen year old girl in Pakistan being flogged by three brutish Taliban thugs who believe they act in the name of God by inflicting punishment on a girl who committed the terrible crime of leaving a house in the company of a man who was not from her family. President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan is outraged and ordered the arrest of the perpetrators. There is as much likelihood of that happening as if an American judge ordered the arrest of Osama bin Laden. Prime Minister Yousaf Gilani called for an inquiry, but his government two months ago turned authority over the Swat Valley to the Taliban. His government no longer has any authority in the valley and, unless, he is willing to send in the army nothing will change.

Muslim Khan, a Taliban spokesperson, defended the punishment but said the whipping should have been carried out by a young boy and it should have been in private. Well, that clears everything up and makes it understandable why a girl is beaten by thugs.

Sharia Law In Pakistan

Pakistan leaders signed agreements with the Taliban by which militant actions would end in the Swat valley in exchange for allowing the Taliban to impose their will on the area. Actually, the original agreement signed by the Taliban had them promise not to end education for girls, but that promise has already been broken as dozens of schools for girls are being destroyed. Now, sharia law has become the law of the valley and Islamic judges now decide cases. Of course, these actions violate Pakistan law, but apparently the government ha so little confidence in its own ability to control the Swat valley that is simply is going along with whatever the Taliban seek. A spokesperson for Taliban leaders said bluntly: “it is the result of a two-year struggle. We are thankful to Allah. Ou aim is to impose Allah’s system on Allah’s earth.” Of course, the system is being imposed by men, not god.

The Pakistan government says sharia law is allowed even as word came that over 200 schools have been destroyed by the Taliban. Pakistan lawyers who just exerted their power to restore to office, supreme court justice Iftikar Chaudhry may not like what is happening in the Swat valley since it goes against everything they represent. Will this lead to legal protests concerning sharia law? If sharia law is allowed it threatens the entire legal system of Pakistan.

Pakistan-Don’t Fight Taliban- Accept Their Ideas!

The Swat Valley in northwestern Pakistan used to be a resort area where people went for relaxation and like all such places formal ideas of dress and behavior were not rigidly part of daily life. But, with the influx of the Taliban, the old ideas of modern life will shortly be replaced with the old ideas of olden times. The Pakistan government has decided to introduce Shariah law across large segments of the northwest region of the country in an effort to appease Taliban insurgents. Any laws that do no comply with the strict interpretation of the Koran will be suspended. “This was the peoples’ demand,” said Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti. One assumes the “people” did not include representatives of women who seek to obtain an education.

A 30 member delegation of the Taliban met with government representatives and made clear they would only lay down their arms if Shariah law was introduced. The Taliban in the Swat valley have been burning down schools for girls and one can assume they still believe that modern education for girls violates Islamic law.

The price for peace in the Swat valley is acceding to Taliban demands. Naturally, the agreement was made by men for men and the women be damned!

Taliban Blasts Way Through Pakistan Valley

Swat Valley in Pakistan has long been regarded as a plush area which attracts middle class people seeking to draw upon its natural beauty for relaxation. However, while attention has been focused on the turbulent tribal areas of the northwest, the Taliban have been cutting a swath through the valley and establishing control. Officials now estimate close to four-fifths of the region is now under Taliban control. Taliban commander Maulana Fazlullah has swept through the area beheading opponents, torching homes and schools as he enforces the strict religious beliefs of the Taliban. Muzzafar Ali and his family fled his farm as the Taliban entered their village. “They behead people, shoot people, destroy schools and hospitals.”

The police are intimidated by the violence of the Taliban and refuse to confront their forces. There are reports poor and unemployed people as well as disaffected young men are drawn to the Taliban which offers money and status. The army is struggling to contain the Taliban and has failed in efforts to raise a local militia.

US 200% Behind Me, Claims Musharraf

After concluding meetings with US envoy, John Negroponte, President Musharraf told the BBC that he had the complete support of the United States in his actions to fight terrorism. “they are liking me because we are fighting terrorism together. They show concern on the democratic front, they show concern over my uniform, they think what we are doing is the right directions.” As he spoke, the Pakistan army was launching a major effort in the Swat Valley against insurgents led by Mualana Fazullah. The Pakistan army issued its regular reports about dead militants and claims they were advancing in the valley. Most Pakistan experts believe the forces of Fazullah wiil allow the Pakistan army to kill some militants and the game will go on, the army advances, a few dead militants, and normality continues with Fazullah retaining power. It is apparent the only way Musharraf can continue ruling Pakistan is the presence of a war against terrorism.

The great mistake of the Bush administration is casting the struggle between the United States and forces opposing creation of stable governments as one against terrorism. The word “terrorism” describes an action of people, and one can not be against “terrorism” anymore than one can wage war against “crime.” These are abstractions, not realities. Bush has confused the entire situation emerging from 9/11 because he fails to grasp the nature of the struggle. It is not between democracy vs terrorism, it is a struggle to create stable viable governments committed to working slowly to foster vibrant economies that focus people on the importance of avoiding war and conflict. China is not a democracy, but it does not aid terrorism. We need more nations like China which eventually will become democracies, but in the meantime work for world stability.