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Can One Receive Sick Benefits For Telemarketing?

A Swedish woman was working as a telemarketer and decided to go on sick leave. During her time on sick leave, the woman obtained work on a phone sex chat line. However, the Swedish Social Agency is claiming she filed fraudulent claims because although having the opportunity to work in telemarketing, she claimed it made her sick and therefore, she entered the sex chat line business. Anyone who has worked in telemarketing understands just a few day spouting lies and distortion is enough to make a decent person sick to her stomach. How many times can one interrupt people during their meal time, their serious conversation with a child or that wonderful moment when they are going to complete the sex act without obtaining serious feelings of guilt and remorse?

On the other hand, sex chat line work ensures you are making someone achieve his desires and thus making certain he will spend the day filled with rapture at the thought women find him desirable. Such work does not make people sick. It is clear being involved in telemarketing is akin to working with radiation and anyone who enters such work, should be accorded sick leave. Keep on chatting my Swedish lass and make the men feel good.

How To Decide If There Has Been A Rape?

The Supreme Court of Sweden (Hosta Domstolen) ruled that unless there was additional supporting evidence the claim by a woman that she had been raped is not sufficient evidence that a rape occurred. The Court overturned a 2008 conviction on ground the testimony of the alleged victim could not be given more weight that that of the accused rapist if there is nothing else indicating that one of them is more credible than the other. A woman claimed a man threatened her at knife point and forced her to have sex with him in the apartment of the man’s friend. The friend was asleep in his bedroom when the man and woman had sex in the bathroom. The alleged rapist then asked his friend to leave at which point the couple had sex in the bed. The friend said he never heard any screams or something to indicate that a rape was taking place.

At the heart of this debate is whether a woman’s claim to having been raped is to be taken more seriously than the denial of the alleged rapist. In the real world, rape often is difficult to prove, particularly when it occurs between two people who know one another and have been dating. Obviously, the issue also deals with individual rights. Perhaps, in the real world there are times when it is simply too complex to uncover the truth about rape.

Most Swedish Hate Crimes Are Racist In Nature

A report by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention concludes that over 70% of hate crimes stem from racial or xenophobic motives. About 72% were judged to have racial or xenophobic motives, 18% were related to sexual orientation and 10% dealt with anger toward religious groups. The most common form of hate crimes involve threats and harassment. The Council has noted a significant increase in hate crimes against Afro-Swedes and Roma immigrants. “We have seen in the police reports that these groups are particularly vulnerable.”

The Swedish report matches those emerging from east European areas such as the Czech Republic and Hungary. It is clear as Europe undergoes an historic shift in population that large segments of the populace are upset to witness the emergence of people having different skin color or religion becoming important in the economic sectors of society as well as constituting a future political power group.

Swedish Migration Board Hires Anti-Muslim Lawyer!

Immigrants in any nation must overcome tremendous legal odds in securing their rights to remain and avoid deportation. One would assume it is only fair to ensure lawyers assigned to defend immigrants are free from bias. However, the Swedish Migration board hired a notorious anti-Muslim bigot to represent asylum seekers including Muslims. Hans-Ola Martensson has a blog which is replete with anti-Muslim and immigration comments such as Islam is a “psychological disease.” His blog insists “Muslims are multiplying like rabbits and want to take over Europe.” He also calls for “de-Islamifying” Muslims and compelling them to adopt Swedish ideas.

Mr. Martensson is an equal opportunity bigot and hates gays and lesbians and condemns Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing as a “communist witch” but does add giving her an award is certainly better than giving the prize to Arabs and Negroes.

The Migration Board was shocked to learn one of their employees who is supposed to fairly represent immigrants hates many of the people he is supposedly defending. In fairness to Mr. Martensson, he argues the blog simply reflects his personal views and should not be construed as meaning he carries such dislikes into his professional work.

Are People Less Lonely Today?

A recent study from Sweden argues people today in that nation are less lonely than groups reported twenty five years ago. This raises an interesting question as to whether the emergence of technology over the past two decades has impacted attitudes and behavior concerning loneliness. In 1985, “49% of the adult population(in Sweden) experienced loneliness often or sometimes compared to 42 percent when asked the same question this time.” The state of loneliness is not always a negative life position since many great thinkers in the midst of loneliness produced important pieces of writing or art or music. However, the question still remains are modern humans more or less lonely in their lives.

The introduction of MySpace, Facebook, and millions of web sites enables people to remain in the safety of their home and engage in interactions with people they have never seen. In a sense, this does impact the sense of being lonely since one is engaged in the lives of other humans. Perhaps, we still do not understand how these forms of human interaction impact the mental processes of individuals. Is the end result healthier sense of being? Or does loneliness undergo alterations in its dynamic due to technology?

Is the “N-Word” Offensive?

An association in Sweden that works for African rights is upset because a state agency wants to preserve the name of a neighborhood called “Negem”(the Negro) in the Swedish town of Karlstad. “I’m extremely upset. the N-word is racist and this just confirms the nature of Sweden today, said Kitimbwa Sabuni of the National Afro-Swedish Association. A private citizen in the town asked for state agency to decide if there was need for a name change because he believed it was offensive to black people. The name Negem was chosen in 1866 when the town was designating certain parts of the community.

First of all, the word, “Negro” was perfectly acceptable in American history and was the word used by progressive forces in the country. It never had the connotation of “nigger” which was always used in a derogatory manner. If one reads the speeches of Martin Luther King, he always used the word Negro. Perhaps, revisionists would like to revise the speeches of King and remove the word he believed was appropriate.

This is the silly season in operation.

Swedish Government Will Not Educate Imams

A special commission hired by the Swedish government to investigate the necessity of educating Muslim imams concluded to do so would interfere with separation of church from government. State sponsored education for imams claimed the report would constitute special considerations for one religious faith over others. The commission recommended that further education should come from normal education institutions. Of course, the very nature of this report is somewhat insulting to Muslims. Is there a commission studying the necessity of the government providing education for Rabbis, priests and ministers? How was the assumption reached that imams required special education?

Undoubtedly, the real reason for this study is an assumption that imams in Sweden are somehow connected to terrorism. One initial question is evidence that such is the case. Perhaps, a more important goal of government would be to subsidize meetings of religious leaders from all faiths to learn from one another and build the foundation of peace between those of different religions.

Should Sex Education Be Required For All Girls?

The Swedish government is proposing new laws that would require all girls attending school to be required to take sex education classes as well as participate in swimming activities. Education Minister Jan Bjorklund, insists “all pupils, including immigrant girls have the right to swimming lessons,” and the right to refuse will be eliminated in new legislation. She fears too many Muslim girls have parents who do not want their daughters to participate in sex education of be involved in swimming. “The will of the girl is often subordinated to what is considered to be the best interests of the family, the men’s or the group’s ‘honor’ base on the girl’s sexual behavior.” It is estimated 10% of girls refuse to participate in sex education or swimming.

The thin line between the rights of parents and the right of schools to have a curriculum is difficult to gauge. Certainly, no educator seeks to create problems in a family, but there is also need to expand the child’s contact with the world and that frequently results in conflict between school and family.

Iraq Refugees Threatened By Lynch Mob In Sweden!

Nearly half the Iraqi population of the town of Vannas which is located in northern Sweden have decided to leave because of fear to their lives. One Iraqi told a newspaper, “I thought that Vannas was the perfect place for us. And there are many, many friendly people here. But, we still don’t dare to stay. I’m seriously concerned about my children’s safety.” The Iraqis were frightened when a crowd of 50 young people gathered outside the apartment building where they lived and chanted hateful comments. In addition to making threats to the Iraqis, they also threw stones.

The weekend of horror in which families lay on the floor in fear of being stoned finally resulted in a decision to move elsewhere. The police are upset at the decision of refugees to leave because they claim it interferes with their investigation. Police do not believe it is a racial matter but stems from a group of young people, who for one reason of another decided to congregate in front of a building containing Iraqis and shout racial comments.

Supposedly the dispute arose when a group of boys confronted a refugee boy about an assault on a girl. They shoved him around, but there was no serious injury. Actually, over a hundred residents came out in support of the refugees and urged them to remain, but about 40 of the 70 refugees have decided to leave.

Sweden Cracks Down On Fake Universities

The Internet has produced wondrous new opportunities for learning, but it also has spawned a new era of “universities” that exist only on paper, not in the life of the mind. The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education is asking the government for legal support in order to crack down on institutions which offer degrees but lack a substantial education foundation. For example, the Scandinavian University of Science and Technology targets English speaking people, and is only accessible via the Internet since it only has a post office box registered in Angered, a suburb of Gothenburg. We can assume no campus or library exists which students could actually access.

A growing problem is the presence of such institutions which cater to those desperate for a university degree in order to upgrade their education in quest of better jobs and pay. Unfortunately, these “universities” can prey on poor people and those lacking financial resources to attend regular universities. Perhaps, the European Union can establish certain criteria which would determine the legitimacy of an institution of higher learning.