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Sex In Sweden–Does It Make Sense?

Sweden is among the most progressive nations in the world, but its sex laws sometimes make one wonder as to who is in charge of the country. In January, 1999, the Swedish government decided that it was a criminal act to solicit someone for sex, but it was perfectly legal to offer sex for sale. In theory, the idea was to protect women who had been caught in human trafficking, but the reality is that prostitution goes on and on since it can be a mite difficult to ascertain exactly who initiated the sexual offer. To compound the madness, the Malmo council has announced it was distributing free condoms to men who engaged in sex with a protstitute.

Let’s see. It is illegal to offer money to a woman in order to have sex, but the Malmo council will provide free condoms to men engaged in an act that is criminal. OK, there is a bit of logic in this, but to a normal mind, it is difficult to ascertain.

Swedish Officials Linked To CIA Operations

The true story of the Bush authorized violation of human rights has yet to be written, but in the latest episode two prominent Swedish officials are now trapped in a situation in which their statements about rendition of two individuals most probably are wrong. Former Justice Minister Thomas Bodstrom and former prime minister Goran Persson in 2001 denied they knew there was a CIA connection to the deportation of two terror suspects, but a new book indicates they probably lied to a constitutional committee about this issue. Bodstrom stands by his view that he lacked knowledge the CIA would step in when the two men were deported. he insists it was not wrong to cooperate with another nation in dealing with the deportation of a suspected criminal.

The problem with Bodstrom’s view is that so far at least 24 individuals have finally been released from Guantanamo who most probably were imprisoned for up to seven years without the slightest evidence they had committed a crime. Mr. Bodstrom may never know whether or not he sent an innocent man to torture or death by cooperating with the CIA.

Mixed Up Sex World Of Sweden!

The government of Sweden has among the most interesting approaches to the issue of sex, b but, unfortunately it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between those seeking and those offering sex. In January, 1999, Sweden criminalized the purchase of sex, but allowed individuals the right to sell sex. In theory, this decision was part of an effort to crack down on the trafficking of women from other parts of the world who were brought to Sweden by gangs seeking to exploit the women. The town council of Malmo just announced it would distribute free condoms to customers of prostitutes in order to reduce the possibility of disease.

In the world of Sweden, it is against the law to purchase sex from a woman, but it is perfectly legal to use a condom when having sex that is against the law. If one is against prostitution, why not abolish it, or if prostitution is to be legal, wouldn’t it make sense to supervise the operation and protect the health of both customer and seller?

Sweden Catches The Athens Flu

Riot police have been sent to the city of Malmo to deal with riots which have rocked the southern Swedish town over the past two nights. The immigrant center of the city were the scene of riots after police removed some squatters from a building that had housed an Islamic Center which Muslims refused to evacuate after the landlord refused to renew a lease. Ahmed Baccar, a 20 year old unemployed Palestinian, commented the police “think they can appease us by joking with us, but they hassle us all the time, they arrest us for nothing, and then they are surprised that we fight back.” The fighting back involved torching cars and throwing Molotov cocktails at the police and sending garbage cans flying from exploded fire crackers.

As in every riot involving young people, frustrations, real or imagined, are on the lips of disaffected young boys. The lives of immigrants in virtually every nation reveals similar patterns of oppression and anger– adjusting to a new society in which one struggles to learn customs as well as language. Economic events caused by the American financial fiasco are impacting nations throughout the world and recent newcomers are probably the initial ones who are suffering an economic decline.

I am the child of immigrants and in my New York City neighborhood the enemy was always the police who we believed oppressed us and hassled us in every day life.

Segregation Increases For Immigrants In Sweden

Sweden in 2008 experienced its highest level of immigration with most newcomers arriving from Africa and Asia. A recent report observed that immigrants from these areas are behind those born in the European Union in areas such as “eduction, the job market and living arrangements.” Satistics Sweden(SCB)s was surprised at the extent of segregation these individuals were experiencing once arrived in their new homeland. A particular problem noted Lotta Persson of SCB is “they are not eligible in the same was as other groups for upper secondary education, as they are not achieving the right grades, even though we take into account how long they have been in Sweden.” Ironically, immigrants from Africa have rather good education backgrounds but they are more often found in low skilled work.

Sweden has its own version of “white flight” as native born Swedes move from neighborhoods containing a high proportion of immigrants from Asia and Africa. Persson states bluntly: “they are definitely discriminated against in society. This discrimination may be one of the reasons for segregation as it might be m ore difficult for them to get loans to buy a house.”

Ironically, the same reasons for discrimination exist in Sweden as in America and the same consequences are also found-difficulty in securing loans to purchase a house.

Gay Couple Lose Case In Sweden

A homosexual couple who were married in Canada have lost their right to have the marriage recognized in Sweden. The Supreme Administrative Court ruled that Swedish law only recognizes a marriage as being between a man and a woman, and therefore, the Canadian marriage could not be accepted as valid in Sweden. The couple argued that “tax authorities can make an exception where one party is under-age” but refuse to make an exception when the couple are of the same sex. The Swedish court insists law only recognizes a gay marriage as a partnership and there refused to make any exceptions.

We inhabit a world in which countries have differing views on many aspects of life. Certainly, marriage is an important facet of human life and has nothing to do with abuse or discrimination. There is no reason for refusing to recognize the marriage.

Headscarf Issue Alive In Sweden

The world is suffering from a severe economic crisis, terrorism has devastated the people of Mumbai, Israel and Palestinians still fight one another, but for some reason, the issue of what a girl wears on the top of her head is a dominant issue for some people. During the 1960s, men and women went crazy over a boy who wore his hair long, and now in the first decade of the 21st century, a major concern for some is the headscarf. A Muslim student in a Swedish school was told she could not wear her headscarf because somehow it interfered with her work in school. The student was in a hotel and catering course that entails a period of time working in a hotel. But, the hotel refused to accept the girl unless she removed her headscarf.

The young lady refused to abandon her headscarf and sued the school district. The Swedish Ombundsman against Discrimination(DO) awarded the young lady damages of $7,400 and said she had a right to wear the headscarf. The hotel apologized and the ban on wearing a headscarf has been lifted. Now, if we could resolve other religious issues in such an easy manner….

Riots In Sweden Reflect Athens Flu

Police from Stockholm and other Swedish cities are being sent to Malmo to handle a growing tension in the southern city which has been wracked by riots over the past two days. After two nights of intensive rioting, police requested assistance in order to quell the disturbance. Emotions have been running high in Malmo’s immigrant district of Rosengard after police forcibly removed three squatters from the basement offices of an Islamic culture center. The premises had been occupied since November 24th as part of a protest against the landlord’s decision not to renew the association’s lease for the space which it has occupied for fifteen years.

The riots have grown with intensity with each passing night. Police were pelted with Molotov cocktails and bomb threats were made to local businesses. There are reports rioters were joined by left-wing extremists from outside the area who go by the name of “autonomists.” The fire department has refused to enter the area torn by riots.

The Malmo riots most probably have nothing to do with Greek youth, but reflect tensions arising from the arrival of African and Muslim immigrants who are encountering discrimination by native born Swedes.

Swedish Nationalists March Amidst Rocks

In olden days when nationalism was rampant in many parts of Europe, neo-Nazi nationalists would march through streets dressed in black with music blaring and shouting their epithets of hate. A group of Swedish nationalists wanted to march to honor a dead king, but their attempt was met with angry insults and rocks thrown at them by liberals who wanted to deny their enemies an opportunity to display their ignorance. The Nationalists were guarded by police and allowed to do their thing, shout their anger, and then swiftly depart on trains.

The right to demonstrate is inherent in any democratic society. Those who hate neo-Nazis and resort to armed violence are acting just like the group they dislike. Let them march, let them shout hate in the open. The vast majority of people will shake their heads at the ignorance of these people who belong in a different time and a different place. If progressives use violence against those who preach violence, they have met the enemy and they have beome the enemy.

Anti-Semitism In Swedish First Grade Reader!

We live in the opening decade of the 21st century and one would assume that in an enlightened nation such as Sweden historic anti-semitism would long have been laid to rest, but a first grade reader appears to present a stereotype of Jews that Nazis would be glad to offer their students in the 1930s. A first grade book which is intended to help children read has a passage about a boy with thick glasses who sits alone and apart from other children. The explanation offered by the book is: “Because he is a Jew.” That passage would have earned rave reviews from just about every Nazi publication. Elsewhere in the book, boys are portrayed as being skilled in mathematics while girls struggle with being able to count. Parents in Kariskoga in central Sweden are up in arms at such blatant examples of hate in a book for first graders.

The response by the author and publisher is revealing. They do not offer an apology but argue presenting such misinformation and prejudice provides an excellent opportunity to offer contrasting viewpoints! They want teachers to argue against the book as part of helping children learn how to read! Wow!