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Class Divisions Widen In Sweden

Economic class divisions are widening in Sweden at an ever increasing rate. The gap has grown wider than at any other time in the past twenty years. A study by Society, Opinion, Media(SOM) reveals working class Swedes are not benefiting in the sam manner as high wage earners. It is now clear of the existence of a class society which is not simply based on growing complaints that economic advancement is not progressing at a desirable rate, but at statistics which indicate a gap exists in economic growth. Soren Holmberg, who helped develop the study, notes “there are people in the periphery–the sick, women, the working class, people in the countryside(who are not benefiting adequately). Growth has primarily benefited well-educated people in large cities, white collar workers and small business owners.”

Perhaps, the post industrial world is experiencing a class division that originally stems from education levels and then translates into differing incomes. This phenomenon is already present in all post industrial societies.