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Tampons And Swedish Gays!

Swedish gay youth groups are furious at “sex educational material” being distributed by two major Tampon manufacturers– Libresse and OB– because their material is offensive to gays and other groups. One of the books indicates that for young people the idea of being a homosexual “is enough to send a shiver down the spine.” Another passage states that “if you are a Muslim you may not be allowed to have a girl friend or boyfriend.” Muslim girls are also advised to contact a gynecologist if they are concerned about not bleeding on their wedding night and the doctor can sew stitches in the vaginal opening.

The two manufacturers are distributing the materials to schools and inform educators the materials are geared to pupils aged 13-16. The two companies have pooled their materials in order to distribute them on a no cost basis to schools. This writer has absolutely no expertise regarding these issues, but they appear to lack a foundation based on medical expertise. It is surprising that a tampon company would be advising young Muslim girls about what to do on their wedding night.