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Sweden On Immigrants–Tough Or Benevolence?

Swedish moderates are urging the government to take a tougher line on immigrants to their nation. Government proposals increasingly have focused on making employment as central to the process of integrating a newcomer within Swedish society. Moderate parliamentarians believe there is misguided benevolence which has resulted in a permissive attitude where, in their view, too many immigrants become dependent for extended periods of time on government subsidies instead of supporting themselves. Of those who secure a residence permit and take part in local introduction schemes only 20 percent are self-supporting after two and a half years with a permit.

The issue raised by Swedish moderates is one found in most nations which welcome immigrants. Ordinarily, immigrants are hard working and tend to avoid seeking government assistance so one is left wondering at what is happening in Sweden. Perhaps, the difficulty lies less in the failure of immigrants to get jobs and more to do with discrimination on the part of employers which prevent the immigrant from obtaining work.