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Sweden Passes New Surveillance Law

The easiest way to get a bill passed dealing with the rights of people is to shout the ever popular “it’s a security issue.” The Swedish government has been under pressure from the military for increased power to examine phone and email communications from Swedish citizens that are being sent across borders. The Swedish parliament responded by passing a new surveillance law by a vote of 143 to 138 which empowers the National Defense Radio Establishment(FRA), which is a private organization despite its name, to monitor emails and phone communications which go across the national border. The FRA, unlike the police, do not need a court order in order to initiate surveillance of people.

The FRA insists it will only examine emails which go across the Swedish border, but they will have to first read all emails in order to determine which are crossing the border. This is simply another step in fear and confusion stemming from 9/11. The enemy is not all knowing, but terrorists certainly know enough these days not to disclose important data in an email going across a border.

Big Brother Is Listening In Swedish!

The Swedish legislature is prepared to pass a new law which will place all Swedish communication under the surveillance of government bodies. the National Defense Radio Establishment(FRA) will be able to monitor all incoming and outgoing messages, phone calls, text messages and all forms of communication. The FRA promises to destroy any personal information uncovered in these searches. Waheed Mjjdeh, a former Taliban official regards the entire project as a waste of time. “Why do bin Laden and al-Zwahari take the trouble ot send tapes to the media rather than call them? They know there are technologies that can trace people’s location and therefore they avoid it.” During his time in the Taliban he could not recall a plan of attack that was discussed on the telephone.

Par Strom of the New Welfare Foundation regards the entire enterprise of being something out of George Orwell’s 1984. “FRA is going to read all Swedes’ emails and text messages, listen t their telephone conversations and see which web sties we are browsing. This is absurd.” A point well taken. This supposed preventive measure will not prevent any attack nor will it prevent the government from listening into the ideas of ordinary citizens.

Is There Prostitution In Sweden?

Sweden is among the few nations in the world in which it is illegal for men to solicit sex that entail paying for it. jenny Sonesson, of the Liberal Party, notes that “if you don’t have customers who want to buy human beings’ bodies you won’t have the supply.” But, a walk through Stockholm’s Malmskillnadsgatan main red llight district reveals sex shops and strip clubs and asome middle age women hanging around the street. Until 1999 it was legal to both purchase or sell sex, but that is over including making illegal brothels. However, authorities believe there are about 200 active prostitutes in the district now, a drop from over 300 in previous times. Th assumption is that many prostitutes have simply migrated to the comfort and security of the Internet to play their wares.

Isabella Lund, a spoleswoman for the Sex-workers and Allies Network (SANS) believes the law compels women to operate in secret and they may be more detrimental than allowing men to purchase sex. The growing secrecy most probably damages efforts to get sex workers using protective devices to avoid getting infected.