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Are Swedish Men Dull And Boring?

An American woman recounted her first date in Sweden in which she discovered the easiest way to become bored in that country is to go on a date with a Swedish male. She blamed the Swedish welfare system, for some reason, as the main cause of male behavior on dates. Her initial complaint stemmed from lack of conversation on the part of Swedish males. “I asked a question. He answered. I asked another. He answered again. Not once did a question come my way.” But, this was merely the prelude to her eventual total lack of faith in dating Swedish males. “I offered to pay as I always do; a w ell-rehearsed token gesture of kindness which I expected to be dully rebuffed.” Unfortunately, the man accepted her kind offer. “How had things gone so horribly wrong?”

Marie Hagberg, a prominent Swedish guru on sex and behavior explained that a major problem for women is “you expect a guy to make the first move, but in Sweden he won’t unless he is really drunk.” To sum up, says Ms. Hagberg, “Swedes are known for being kind of dull and boring.”

I have limited to no knowledge of Swedish males or females on how they date or don’t date, but what the heck is wrong allowing a woman to pay her fair share of a bill? As to the questions, we really don’t know which questions were posed. Of course, there is always the possibility, the woman in question was boring.