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Hitler Not That Bad A Guy Says Swedish Politician

A recession invariably results in some people going back into history in search of ways to solve current economic problems. Christian Democratic party politician, Karl-Goran Valivaara, went back and discovered that perennial saint of dealing with problems, Adolf Hitler. The Swedish politician noted: “the building of the motorways was a good thing. We still drive on them.” He claimed dear old Adolf had turned the German economy around and brought good times to one and all. Of course, Karl admitted that some Jews “got it worse,” but, then again, they could drive on the motorways on their way to death camps.

Adolf Hitler turned the economy “around” by developing a vast military expenditure budget as well as creating an army of eight million young men. Yes, such tactics do result in taking care of unemployment and there are jobs for all — including millions of slave laborers.

Of course, Adolf never matched his buddy, Benito Mussolini, who made the trains in Italy run on time. I guess if getting trains to run on time is your goal, these two sweet men are excellent role models for economic health.