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A Breastless Story About Breasts!

There are women who in the interests of beauty or desirability or whatever, seek out doctors to enlarge their breasts, but what about women who have large breasts that society deems to be too large? Jessica Andersson, a Swedish woman was injured in a car accident that resulted in her receiving disability payments, but she had the payments ended due to claims it was her large breasts, not the aftermath of the accident that were responsible for pain and discomfort that she experiences. She has been suffering from pain in the neck and shoulders, but government bureaucrats believe that pain is coming from having breasts that are too large for a woman.

A doctor told government officials if the woman had breast reduction all would be well. The good doctor wants to reduce pressure on the woman’s body and what better way than to make those large breasts a bit smaller.

At points, in modern life, one can only wonder what government bureaucrats do with their time in the office. How many hours went into discussing the Andersson breasts or talking with doctors about the Andersson breasts? Oh well, this is one story that leaves me breastless.