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Veiled Women And Swimming-Can They Co-Exist?

it was a ot summer day in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden when two Muslim women decided to take their children for a swim in the local city pool. The children entered the pool and both mothers sat on the side watching them swim around. The women were wearing long pants and short-sleeved shirts as well as veils to cover their face. A lifeguard approached and told them their clothing attire was a danger because neither one was prepared to enter the pool and take care of their children if anything happened. He then kicked the women out of the pool. Both sued on grounds of discrimination.

A local court in Gothenburg agreed with the petition of the women and warded them each $3,230 in compensation. The city is appealing to the nation’s highest court. There is something strange about this story. If a lifeguard was present to assist people in need of help while in the swimming pool why did the mothers have to be dressed in swimming attire? I have gone to dozens of swimming pools where people sit around dressed in their everyday clothes and none has ever been ejected because they were not ready to jump into the pool. Why hire lifeguards– to tell people to wear swimming attire so they can save people in danger of drowning?

This a blatant example of anti-Muslim prejudice.