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US Conducted Secret Operations Inside Other Nations

The American nightmare is drawing to its conclusion with the exodus from Washington D.C. of George Bush. During the past eight years the ignorant trio of Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush have considered the United States Constitution a piece of paper they could ignore anytime they considered it didn’t accord with their plans. A story in The New York Times indicates American military forces conducted secret operations against al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups by entering nations like Syria and Pakistan without permission of their governments. Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld authorized the military in the spring of 2004 to conduct operations anywhere in the world. Units like the SEALS or special forces simply operated in Syria and Pakistan on the basis of their own intelligence that al-Qaeda leaders were in the area.

The United States once stood as a symbol of a nation that represented law and order. Under the Bush administration we have come to represent a bunch of thugs who enter nations without permission because the president says we can do it. We all hope an Obama administration will end this rogue behavior.

Israel-Syria Cooperation Key To Middle East Peace

Former Turkish Foreign Minister Hikmet Cetin told the Israel newspaper, Haaretz, that peace between Syria and Israel could open the door for resolution of many problems in the Middle East. Even as he spoke, angry mobs in Syria were gathering around the American embassy in Damascus to protest recent military action carried out by US forces inside the territory of their land. President Bush has a way of lousing up efforts for peace by not understanding when there is need for quiet diplomacy to be allowed an opportunity to function instead of always resorting to bombings. Cetin believes a new American president will be the best hope to further efforts by Israel and Syria to achieve peace.

At present, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, has been working to bring together Syrian and Israel officials in order to broker peace between the nations. Cetin hopes this effort can move forward, and it will need the assistance of a new American president who works for peace rather than for war.

Syria Threatens Retaliation Against USA

The Syrian government reacted with fury to the American attack inside its borders which resulted in the death of several people. American military sources insist the raid was necessary in order to kill key leaders of militants who were behind the movement of al-Qaida forces through Syria. Damascus denounced the act as “criminal and terrorist aggression” and warned there would be retaliation against the Americans. The first step to implement Syrian threats was closing of an American cultural center and the American school in the capital. The American military refuses to back down from its claims they killed important al-Qaida leaders, but Syria insists civilians were killed in the raid including several children.

The daylight raid made impossible any denial on the part of Americans they could not see who they were blasting. Syria, in particular, was furious the raid came from Iraq territory and it will be interesting to see how the Iraq government responds to Syrian charges concerning utilization of its territory for staging of attacks on Syria.

Egypt and China joined in Syrian anger at the attack. Lost in discussion of this even is the fact that Turkey has been trying for months to organize an Israel-Syrian peace accord How does this attack fit into any long term goals of America?

Syria Blasts US Air Attacks

The Turkish government has been attempting to bring together Syria and Israel las part of the process to achieve peace between the nations. One would assume, given the difficulty in trying to end the Israel-Syrian conflict, the Bush administration would act cautiously in the area in order to facilitate peace, not hamper it. But, George Bush knows only one strategy, attack, baby, attack. US special forces targeted al-Qaeda fighters who were moving through Syria on their way to Iraq and launched helicopter attacks in the area. As an official openly stated: “we war taking matters into our own hands” in destroying the militants who were in Syria.

A Syrian government statement said helicopters attacked the Sukkariyeh Farm near the town of Abu Kamal which was inside the border of Syria which resulted in the death of civilians working on some buildings. The Foreign Ministry termed the air strike, a “serious aggression” on the nation of Syria. It called on the Iraqi government to conduct an investigation into this act of aggression against Syria.

Report Vindicates Innocence Of Canadian Muslims

A report issued by a Canadian inquiry vindicated the innocence of three Canadian Muslims who were tortured and abused overseas. The report slams foreign officials for failing to provide consular services to its citizens who were in their countries. The overall conclusion was that Canadian actions and inactions “indirectly” or “likely contributed” to the detentions of two and the torture suffered of the other at the hands of Syrian interrogators who mistakenly thought the detainee was somehow connected to a terrorist organization. A difficulty cited in the report in determining the actions of the men is failure on the part of anyone to conduct a trial, present evidence, allow cross examination or even allow the men to present their defense after unilaterally charged with crimes.

Critics who charged their government failed to protect the rights of its citizens were concerned that no names of Canadian officials appear in the report. Of course, the Canadian government never apologized for allowing a foreign nation to imprison and torture its citizens.

Bush Pushes Syria For Golan Deal

A Kuwait newspaper, al-Jareida, reported that President Bush gave Palestinian President Abbas a handwritten note to deliver to Bashar Assad, the leader of Syria, in which he offered to push Israel to surrender control of the Golan Heights in exchange for Syria cutting its ties with Iran. Bush apparently wants to achieve some aspect of his Middle Eastern policy prior to the November election in the United States. One can assume Bush believes American Jews will forget the disaster brought to American because Syria is willing to make peace with Israel and the Gold Heights will be evacuated. On what planet does Bush live?

President Abbas made his latest visit to Syria in order to pass on the Bush letter. It is still unclear if Bush had the agreement of the Israel government prior to sending notes to Syrian President Assad about what Israel should do. Then again, one never knows what goes on in the mind of George Bush

Syrian Troops Gather At Lebanon Border

The government of Bashar Assad has consistently supported terrorist activities throughout throughout the Middle East, but it is now concerned about the presence of terrorists within its own territory. Several days after an explosion in Damascus, which most probably was carried out by Islamist fundamentalists who dislike the secular rulers of Syria, the government of Syria discovered a new interest in dealing with extremists. Syrian troops are reported massing on the border of Lebanon, a nation with whom Syria historically has tried to rule, but now has shaken loose of such controls. Two days ago in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, a bus carrying Lebanese troops blew up killing several people.

The Syrian government insists its troops are only at the border to prevent smuggling, but most observers belief their presence is a warning to the government of Lebanon not to attempt any fostering of violence against Syria.

In the confused world of Middle Eastern politics groups shift and switch making it impossible to completely grasp who is with whom. A Syrian ally, Hizbullah is now a prominent part of the Lebanese government, but that in itself may not be sufficient to allay Syrian fears about violence entering their nation from Lebanon.

Condi Rice Cuddles With Syria

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moualem met with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in New York last weekend and discussed issues relating to attempts by Israel and Syria to resolve their conflict. Rice naturally attacked Syrian efforts to aid terrorists, but both sides agreed there was need to continue the dialogue. The Syrian diplomat let it be known to the media his nation looks forward to the upcoming American election because there is hope a new president would focus more intently on acting as a mediator in the Middle East. Syrian leaders do not believe Iran will play a negative role in efforts being made to deal with Middle Eastern issues.

There is no doubt Bush has lost all his power in the Middle East and has become a bystander rather than an active role in solving anything. He is irrelevant and the world simply will have to wait until January before any serious negotiations can begin in the Middle East.

Syrian President Now In Diplomatic Demand

Syria is enjoying a dramatic change in its place in the world since just a few years ago it was atop the Bush list of terrorist nations, but today its President Bashar Assad is courted and welcomed by many countries. Assad has been described by the American government as a prime supporter of terrorism, but Israel now seeks his cooperation in building bridges of peace. Assad is not a charismatic person nor does he pontificate as a populist leader of Arab masses, he is simply an ex ophthalmologist who for some strange reason is head of a nation that can play an important role in dealing with Middle Eastern concerns. Syria lies amidst Israel, Turkey, Iran and Iraq so it can either play a role assisting terrorists to function in other countries or it can clamp down on terrorism and help restore peace to the region.

During the past few months, Assad has been visited by French President Sarkozy, met with German Chancellor Merkel, joined in peace talks with Israel and visited Iran to discuss the nuclear weapon issue. Israel planes a few years ago destroyed what was described as the beginning of a nuclear plant, but today that is forgotten and world leaders work to persuade Assad to abandon the road of terrorism and pursue one of peace.

No one, as of yet, knows exactly which will be the road traveled by Assad.

CIA Claims Syrian Nuclear Facility Aided By Foreign Ally

The destruction of a suspected Syrian nuclear facility last year apparently entailed cooperation between the United States and “foreign partners.” The statement of CIA Director General Michael Hayden only added to the confusion surrounding the bombing of the Syrian plants. Israel claimed credit for the bombing but according to Hayden, “our foreign partnerships… were critical to the final outcome.” Is the CIA director claiming that the United States played a role in the bombing or is he saying the CIA identified the facility and asked Israel to carry out the bombing. Hayden boasted, “we were able last year to soil a big secret, a project that cold have provided Syria with plutonium for nuclear weapons.”

The assumption behind Hayden proclaiming to the world that the United States played a role in bombing a plant located in a neutral nation is somehow this will serve American foreign policy goals. Perhaps, he can explain, exactly how?