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Will The Real Benjamin Netanyahu Stand Up!

There are times when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a riddle wrapped in an enigma when it comes to discussing his ideas concerning peace in the Middle East. After speaking with President Obama, the Israel leader announced he is prepared to open peace talks with Syria without any preconditions. “I said I was ready to immediately open peace talks with the Palestinians, by the way, with Syria as well, of course, without preconditions.” He emphasized the importance to Israel of emerging from any negotiations with its security guaranteed. Netanyahu also suggested the importance of involving other Arab nations in any peace negotiations. He wants any agreement to have the support of all Arab nations in order to avoid problems about who is responsible if an agreement is not implemented.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton emphasized the importance of Israel agreeing to a two state solution. However, an aide to Netanyahu ridiculed such an idea to reporters. Later, Ron Demer told the media: “I told reporters that the focus by the media on the concept of solving the Israel-Palestinian issue though a two state solutions is childish and stupid, but I deny that I described the idea that way.” Any other comment?