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Taiwan Opposition Party Sweeps To Victory

Taiwan’s opposition Nationalist Party swept to an overwhelming victory in elections for the legislature. they won 82 seats in the 113 natinal legislature. The results were a clear humiliation for President Chen Shui-ban’s policies of aggravating relations with Communist China and attempting to move Taiwan towards formalizing its independence. Critics say his policies have allowed the island’s once-vibrant economy to lose competitiveness and increased tenion in the edgy Taiwan strait. The presidential race will take place on March 22nd and it is expected that the Nationalist Party candidate, Ma Ying-jeou, will readily be victorious.

The people of Taiwan want to maintain the current status quo which allows them to act and function as an independent nation while allowing Communist leaders to claim Taiwan is an appendage of the nation of China. At some point when China eventually becomes a democratic society, the relationship could be formalized.