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China Tells US-Stay Clear Of Taiwan!

Chinese military leaders made it clear to visiting US Admiral Timothy Keating they expect American naval forces to stay away from getting involved in any action in the Taiwan Straits. General Guo Boxiong told the American his nation must end any sales of arms to the the Taiwan government and opppose any attempt by the island to seek membership in the United Nations as an independent nation. There is some talk in Taiwan of making such an effort.

Taiwan is the last remaining memory of a failed American dream that anti-Communist forces on Taiwan would somehow initiate a military effort to reconquer China and end communist rule. The dream is over and even conservative Bush accepts the reality of modern life– Communist China is here to stay and Taiwan will always be a piece of that reality. The best advice anyone can give Taiwan’s leaders is to calm down and cooperate with China because no nation is coming to your assistance if you attempt anything foolish like military action.