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Intrigue And Deceit Within Taliban Aids Coalition?

Abdul Rasaq and three of his senior lieutenants were sleeping quietly in their camp believing they were safe from Coalition forces who were somewhere in the darkness. Unknown to them, someone from within the Taliban leadership had provided information to Coalition forces which allowed planes to zero in on the location of the sleeping Taliban insurgents and blast them into pieces. British and American forces have been boasting for months about the success of their “decapitating” program which has targeted several key Taliban leaders and successfully killed them. However, new evidence suggests Coalition forces are not as clever as they believe, and they may well unknowingly be working with certain Taliban leaders who want to eliminate rivals for power.

The outside world remains uncertain as to the inner workings of the Taliban. There appears to be a power struggle as competing factions vie for power. Some experts believe there might be a “negotiation group” within the Taliban which seeks to engage in discussions with the Afghanistan government for some form of power sharing. For example, Mullah Dadullah, a senior Taliban leader who was described as having “disobeyed orders” was killed by a hit squad from the SBS, undoubtedly using information provided by Taliban informants.

Perhaps, it is time to reach out to those within the Taliban who are ready to negotiate. It is rare for an insurgency group to be monolithic body.