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Human Rights Watch Warns Of Pakistan Casualties

The Western world welcomes the aggressive Pakistan military stance towards the Taliban, but in waiting until now to attack, the Pakistan army has created a vast problem for civilians caught in the midst of war. Human Rights Watch accuses the Taliban for laying mines in a city and using civilians as shields against the Pakistan army. HRW also noted “Pakistani forces appeared to have taken insufficient precautionary measures in aerial and artillery attacks that have caused a high loss of civilian life.” The first Pakistan mistake was turning over the Swat valley to the Taliban without ensuring regular troops were in the area to protect civilians. This allowed the Taliban to consolidate their power and construct defenses.

Over a million people have fled the war zone as Taliban and Pakistan forces increase the ferocity of their attacks. Hopefully, eventually the Pakistan army will push out the Taliban. But, what happens next? Will Pakistan create an effective school system, will the government deal with poverty and discrimination against women?