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President Obama, like his predecessor George Bush, insists a failure to “win” in Afghanistan has dire consequences for the security of the United States and the world. Of course, this is an assumption, not a fact. In the 1970s, supporters of the war in Vietnam claimed a communist victory would have a ripple effect leading to other nations in southeast Asia becoming communist. As of today, there is not a single example of any other southeast Asian nation that either through force or voluntarily became a communist nation. In reality, Vietnamese Communists were over burdened with the task of rebuilding their nation to worry about exporting anything other than products. What would occur if the United States and NATO nations decided to get the heck out of Afghanistan?

1. Local warlords would assume control of areas in Afghanistan and seek to keep out the Taliban.
2. The Taliban would be faced with the task of running a nation, rebuilding roads and bridges and doing ordinary tasks associated with being those in charge of a government.
3. Most foreigners who came to Afghanistan to fight would depart. Exactly where is the question.
4. The Taliban would be confronted by enemies who use the same tactics they used against western armies. They would have the same problems in confronting such warfare.
5. The Taliban would hesitate to enforce sharia law in the same manner they did in the 1990s knowing how such behavior angered large parts of the Afghan population.
6. The Taliban would seek assistance from Pakistan, only now it would be in the open.
7. American forces could continue hit and run raids in conjunction with Afghan enemies of the Taliban.
8. America, if it desired, could use air bombardment to close down every airport in Afghanistan.

Which is preferable, the above or the current mess in Afghanistan?

Death At The Wedding In Afghanistan

A large group had gathered to celebrate a wedding and the bride and groom were wandering among guests, shaking hands, hugging and exchanging greetings. The groom’s brother was a member of the local police force as were two of his cousins, but this was a festive event with children giggling and playing so no one even considered the Taliban would target them for death. But, this is Afghanistan, this is a nation in which those who insist they carry out the wishes of the Prophet Mohammed kill and maim innocent men, women, and children. Suddenly, guests felt a huge explosion, bodies were hurled through the air, children screamed in pain while others lay inert on the ground as their last gasps escaped into the air. This is Afghanistan, year, 2010, time of trouble, time of religious people who have permission, at least they claim they do, from God or the Prophet to kill their neighbors in pursuit of faith and truth.

I am not from Afghanistan. I am not a Muslim. I am simply a confused human who does not understand how the death of children who belong to your faith is a statement of other than contempt for the Muslim religion.

UK Military Tired Of Afghan Corruption

British commanders returning from Helmand Province which is a major scene for the famous, “surge,” report reality paints a sad and devastating picture of corruption run rampant and all the surges in the world will not win over the average Afghan until they believe a non-Taliban nation will achieve their goals. According to General James Cowan, the Afghan police are “most often cited as why there is a problem and why people joined the Taliban. So often, captured Taliban mention the police as the reason for joining the Taliban in the first place.” There are also many incidents in which the Taliban dresses in police uniforms and then steal and abuse citizens. To those who argue there is need for more police on the ground, UK military leaders believe more of the same type of police as exist now is a road map to disaster and loss of the country to the Taliban. The current process of hiring and training Afghan police has failed to create a new security force that has a reputation for fairness and seeks to protect the people rather than steal from them.

A dozen reports say the same thing about Afghan police, a thousand daily incidents in which police abuse those they ostensibly are protecting only further mistrust and turning to other sources for security–even the Taliban. We do not need a surge of American or British soldiers, we need a surge of securing honest and dedicated young Afghans who are ready to become a security force that is welcomed into villages of their nation.

A Word Of Advice For Taliban Bombers

The incident in Times Square in which a car apparently had something that might have been a bomb that was supposed to explode in order to create chaos was thwarted by the sharp eyes of a vendor. I hate to tell you Taliban guys, but there are vendors and hustlers all over Times Square and if you attempt to hustle in on their territory, watch out for an explosion, and it will not be a bomb. Times Square hustlers are organized, they keep a sharp look on what is happening on the streets, and have the muscle to make you guys wish to be back on the hills of Afghanistan.

Let me suggest a much simpler plan if your goal is chaos creation. Get in a few cars and cross the George Washington bridge from two directions. Just have the cars break down and you have chaos reigning for miles around. There is no need to hurt anyone or blow yourselves up, just a broken down car or so on major highways and New York City will be paralyzed for days. It is inexpensive and the good news is that the New York City police will quietly tow you away to break down elsewhere.

Who Is Killing Whom In Pakistan?

Those old enough to live through the Vietnam War era became accustomed to the daily Pentagon figures on the number of Viet Cong militants who were killed by bombing attacks. A doubter might wonder how planes flying thousands of miles up in the sky knew who their bombs killed when dropped on a village. A senior official for the Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence announced his organization had proof that Taliban leader, Hakimullah Mehsud who was supposedly killed in a CIA drone attack in January is alive and resting comfortably. “He is alive. He has some wounds, but basically he is OK.” Even as he spoke, the New America Foundation asserted that between January, 2009 to March 2020 approximately 690 alleged militants were killed in bombing attacks while 181 civilians died. The CIA insists only 20 civilians died.

The war of the numbers is an old one and we learned during the Vietnam war the impossibility of accurately identifying those in a village who are killed as to whether an individual was a guerrilla or an ordinary civilian. The same holds true today.

Bomb The Right Guys, Bomb The Wrong Guys

The madness that is Afghanistan and Pakistan consists of ongoing bombings and shootings in which identifying the right or wrong guys who are the object of the attack present difficulties for anyone involved in combat. The Pakistan Chief of Staff, General Kayani, apologized to local residents of the Kokikhel tribe for the accidental bombing which resulted in the deaths of over 60 people. Ironically, this tribe was actively engaged in fighting the Taliban so assaulting them is hardly the best way to defeat the enemy. Even more ironic is that many members of this tribe are currently serving in the Pakistan military.

This area of Pakistan is barely under the control of government forces and there is dependence on tribes to maintain law and order. Perhaps, the first order of the day is don’t shoot the good guys!

Inscrutable Pakistan Intelligence?

The assumption of Americans is that our nation is working with Pakistan in order to destroy the Taliban as part of the effort to end the war in Afghanistan. This sounds like a logical policy, but when it comes to working with Pakistan, the reverse is all too often the methodology followed by Pakistan’s military in dealing with problems. A few months ago, the Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence cooperated with American military efforts to capture a prominent Taliban leader, Mullah Baradar who now is in jail. But, the past few days, without mentioning their actions to American military officials, the ISS released two prominent Taliban leaders and sent them back–to kill Pakistanis and Americans?

Who knows what lurks in the hearts of Pakistan Intelligence officers. The only thing we do know is when they say “yes” it more often than not means, “no.” Does one ever get the feeling Pakistan’s military leaders inhabit a fantasy land?

Can Beauty Defeat The Taliban Beast?

Taliban bombers stormed the US consulate throwing explosives in every direction as part of a plan to disrupt life in the Pakistan city of Peshwar. Within hours after the attack, while rescuers were still dealing with dead bodies and the wounded, organizers of a fashion show decided to proceed with the spectacle of attractive Muslim women displaying clothes and their bodies to the eyes of strangers. Trussed up in glamorous confections of gauze and silk, western-style skirts slashed to the knee models walked down the runway. There were bare shoulders on display but the Taliban did not attempt to attack the gathering. Ironically, the fashion show took place fifteen minutes away from the scene of death and destruction.

Who knows, if bombs and drones can not persuade the Taliban to give up, could some scantily dressed women do the trick?

Plant At Night, Blow Up In Day

At night, furtive figures scurry around planting home made bombs in roads they believe American soldiers will be using the next day. It is the city of Marjah in southern Afghanistan which had been ‘”cleared” of Taliban fighters in past weeks, but for some strange reasons they continue walking the streets of the city with impunity. According to General Michael Oates, the IEDs in themselves are not as deadly as what ordinarily has been used, but time spent clearing these bombs is time away working at establishing an effective government. Many in the American forces believe they are being expected to do more and more with less and less since there are just so many soldiers on the ground and they simply lack the numbers to clear out the Taliban.

The Taliban is retreating to hit and run tactics in which a single insurgent can tie down a dozen American soldiers. In the end, the Taliban is dead, and a few Marines are wounded. The war goes on and on.

The Mind Of A Taliban Killer

My name is Omar and I have been on the side of the Prophet, Mohammed, during the past twenty years as we struggle to create a society in which our faith is the foundation of every aspect of life. You ask how I, a good Muslim, can justify killing hundreds of civilians including women and children. Yes, I have killed, yes, I have killed children, but I an also working to kill the American spirit so they will depart from my land and return to their own dens of inequity. The other day, Muktar, at the hospital, gazed into my eyes and shouted anger because he was holding the body of a bloody dead child and wanted to know, “why?” Each dead civilian, each dead child weakens the desire of those who wish to compromise and cooperate with the infidels from the west. We must crush their spirit and make them fear the power of the Taliban.

I often cry at night as pictures in my mind recall the bloody body of the child or her mother and I know she has a short life on this planet, but she will spend eternity in Heaven. Unless, there is death there cannot be life for the Taliban. I did not create this situation, it is the fault of Westerners who entered out land and killed thousands of innocent people. The only way to force them to leave is through death and destruction.