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Terrorists Defending Islam Bomb Islamic University!!

I admit to being often confused regarding thinking on the part of Muslim terrorists, particularly on their choices of where to bomb and whom to kill. However, the latest episode is unbelievable. Two Islamic bombers entered Islamabad’s International Islamic University and blew themselves up along with innocent Muslims! One of the bombers decided to head for the cafeteria in the women’s section and another decided the place to explode was by the Shariah faculty! Ironically, a seminar on “Jihad in the Media” was being held and some students were complaining some of their peers were attracted to the violence being propogated in their nation. A further irony might be those who were attracted to violence are now either wounded or dead at the hands of the terrorists they so admired.

Blood in an Islamic university dedicated to the study of the Muslim religion.

FLASH! We have unconfirmed reports al-Qaeda blames Zionist spies working for the Taliban for the attacks at the International Islamic University.

Pakistan And Taliban In Battle Of Words And Deaths!

After spending years pretending their main problem were Indian soldiers on their eastern border, the Pakistan army has finally realized the problem is not east, it is within their own ranks. Finally, the Pakistan army launched a major offense in the Swat Valley. Now, the fun begins when the Taliban claim they killed dozens while the Pakistan army claims it inflicted “heavy casualties.” Pakistan military sources claim their forces killed 60 Taliban militants while the Taliban insists it only lost a few men while inflicting heavy casualties on the Pakistan army.

It is unfortunate, there is no impartial referee who can actually keep an honest box score on who inflicts more or less casualties. We can be certain, both sides will claim “victory” despite how many they lose.

Pakistan At War With Itself

Pakistan’s army has been on guard for half a century to deter an attack from India on its eastern border and thus has failed to recognize their main enemy is not to the east, but within its own borders. For the third day in a row, bands of militants attacked Pakistan security sites including a commando facility and police stations in an attempt to demonstrate they did not fear the Pakistan security forces and would strike whenever and wherever they desired. Interior Minister Rehman Malik argued, “the enemy has started a guerrilla war.” Of course, it has due to Pakistan’s focus on the possible war with India rather than on the war within their nation that is being conducted by al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Until Pakistan abandons its focus on the east and concentrates its energy on the Taliban and al-Qaeda within there will be more attacks, more suicide bombers and more deaths.

Who Is First– Al-Qaeda, Taliban Or Afghan People?

We are entering the ninth year of the war in Afghanistan and it is obvious the United States government has never had a clear plan or strategy as to what was going to be accomplished or why these goals should be attained? In theory, the Bush/Cheney, Rumsfeld rhetoric was the to establish a democracy in that nation, but after eight years Afghanistan is nowhere near any form of democracy. Bush failed to focus on developing the economy of Afghanistan let alone its government and military forces. President Obama is now confronting next steps. Some voices in his administration urge focusing on destroying al-Qaeda and trying to build bridges to the Taliban. Other voices say send more troops and “win”(whatever win means) the war.

White House spokesperson, Robert Gibbs, said “having a strong and credible partner is extremely important to this process(stability and peace).” President Karzai heads a corrupt inefficient government and he frequently seeks to placate Muslim extremism at the cost of female rights. Secretary of State Clinton made an important point by noting the goal is to defeat al-Qaeda, butt not every Taliban was an ally of that group.

The bottom line is until the people of Afghanistan believe the government deals with their needs, there is no possibility of defeating the Taliban.

Italian Solution In Afghansitan?

There are unconfirmed reports floating around which suggest the Italian government paid off the Taliban in order to keep things quiet while there were Italian troops in the area. The stories suggest Aghan war lords and the Taliban were given large sums of money in order to prevent Italian soldiers from being killed while they did their time in Afghanistan. The result was the area gained the reputation of being quiet and that soldiers did not have to worry about being attacked. French troops who took over the area were shocked when a patrol was attacked and ten of them killed. The Berlusconi government vigorously denies any such payment of money and charges the story is a smear job to defame the reputation of Italian soldiers.

Actually, it really is not important whether the story is true or false, but it does raise an interesting possibility. Suppose there were regular payments to Afghan war lords, would they hold off on attacking enemy troops? Is it possible to use old fashioned bribery to keep the Taliban quiet? If some form of protection money was the solution, it would reduce the cost of the war and certainly would save lives.

Anyone for paying off the enemy in cash rather than lives?

Canadians Urge New Afghan Strategy

There is increased talk in the Canadian parliament about the need to extricate their soldiers from the disaster that is Afghanistan. Canadian military leaders do not have much trust in sending in more troops unless it is linked to a strategy of developing the infrastructure of local villages and give people a reason to support NATO and American forces. Their soldiers are focusing on a “model village” approach which provides villages with solar powered street lights, or work repairing roads in order to get money flowing into the village and restore the economy.

A local leader, Ahmadullah Kazak, noted as a result of the Canadian approach, “the economy is growing day by day and it’s directly affecting the security because if they have a good economy, you are helping the government security.”

The reality of the war in Afghanistan is simple — there is no way sufficient troops will be sent which leaves the alternative strategy of beginning village by village of giving Afghans a reason to oppose the Taliban.

Is Al-Qaeda Changing Tactics?

A high al-Qaeda official asked the Taliban to kidnap foreign civilians in Afghanistan in order to force American and NATO forces to negotiate exchanges. Leah Farrel who works for the Australian police came across documents on the Internet including, “The US Soldier in Afghanistan-the first step for the release of all prisoners of war on terror.” Al-Aqeda adviser, Mustafa Hamid, who who is connected to the document does not wish hostages to be killed since the object is exchange of prisoners. In fact, he also urges using the dead bodies of American soldiers and pretending they are still alive in order to further the prisoner exchange program.

However, according to Australia’s Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism, Bill Patterson, there is evidence of a growing rift between the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Many members of the Taliban regard al-Qaeda forces as composed of foreigners and do no wish to work with them.

Karzai Finally Stands Up To Militants!

Sayed Pervez Kambaksh, an Afghan college student, was interested in women’s rights and downloaded material from the Internet dealing with the topic. His attempt to discuss women issues in a nation that allegedly was free from the anti-female Talibans, created a furor among Muslim fundamentalists. At his first trial, which was a sham and he was not allowed legal counsel, Mr. Kambaksh was condemned to death. The British newspaper, The Independent, organized a world wide protest and President Karzai, commuted the death sentence. However, an Afghanistan court then sentenced the young apprentice journalist to twenty years in jail.

Over a hundred thousand people all over the world signed petitions seeking his release. President Karzai, finally bowed to this pressure, and released him. It is believed Mr. Kambaksh is now out of Iran and in hiding to prevent militants for seeking revenge.

At points, we can only wonder why the Taliban were defeated in the name of women rights when the regime that replaced them shares many Taliban views on women!!

Death In The Afternoon In Afghanistan

American military leaders in Afghanistan have urged over the past few months that air strikes should not be used to deal with military action that best could be handled on the ground. This policy is designed to minimize civilian casualties and maintain good relations with Afghan civilians. A few days ago, the Taliban stole two oil tankers, which most probably were going to be used in a suicide attack. However, the t ankers got stuck in mud while trying to cross a river. The Taliban offered free oil to any local villagers and soon the area was swarming with civilians. German soldiers were stationed in this area of Afghanistan, and their commanding officer decided the stalled tankers somehow constituted a threat and called in an air strike.

The air strike resulted in the death of about 90 people, most of whom were civilians. German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung, defended the air strike. He expressed regret for civilian deaths, but insisted, “at the sam time it was clear our soldiers were in danger. Consequently, I stand clearly behind our commander’s decision” to have the area bombed.

US military leaders believe German troops should first have been dispatched to the area and calling in an air strike while a few hundred civilians are in the scene is not the way to win the hearts of Afghans.

Perhaps, the real issue is lack of faith among Germans that the Afghanistan war makes any sense.

To Bomb Or Not Bomb In Afghanistan?

The ongoing debate concerning use of air strikes against the Taliban once again created problems in Afghanistan. Taliban forces hijacked two fuel tankers which they probably wanted to use as part of a suicide attack on a German army base. As the Taliban drove the trucks away they became stuck in mud as they attempted crossing a river. The Taliban told local villagers they could come to the immobilized tankers and take as much oil as they desired. Afghan government sources said about 70 people were killed with NATO planes blasted the tankers and only a few were civilians.

Local figures on death range from 70 to 90 and they claim only about 30 of the dead were militants. German troops reached the area several hours after the air strike and refused to allow any members of the media to accompany them on the mission.

The reality is we probably will never receive an accurate figure on civilian death totals. However, there is no question civilians died in the air strike.

Local officials have a somewhat different version of the attack.