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Sri Lanka-End Of War Or New Beginning?

Sri Lankan troops pushed into the center of the last stronghold held by the Tamil separatists in an effort to put a conclusion to twenty five years of fighting. If this proves to be a successful operation it would leave the Tamil insurgents with control of some villages and rural areas scattered across the island. Sri Lankan military believe the long civil war will be over by sometime this spring. Some analysts insist the insurgents can regroup in the forests and once again pose a threat to the security of the nation. Civilians continue being caught in the middle of this war and at least 100 were killed by artillery fire the past week.

We have not heard of any demonstrations in Europe or in Muslim nations about the death of civilians in Sri Lanka. Nor have we heard of any discussion about the need to respect the rights of Tamil separatists. In the modern world, there are “insurgents” who definitely are in the wrong, and there are insurgents who are definitely on the side of good. I guess it depends on which insurgent arouses sympathy in the world.