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Tamil War Refugees Finally Allowed To Move On With Lives

The civil war in Sri Lanka lasted for nearly three decades and during the conflict there was bloody killing on both sides resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians. After six months the government of Sri Lanka has finally allowed innocent civilians to leave the concentration camps where they were held and return to homes or seek refuge in other areas of the country. According to a Sri Lanka general, “there are no restrictions on freedom of movement. They can go out, they can visit friends, and relatives and they can come back.” There has been considerable international pressure to allow the refugees to leave the camps and become productive members of society as well as rejoining families. Although the refugees can move, they were warned of not being able to return to home villages until the areas have been cleared and declared ready to be occupied once again.

The government has yet to provide refugees with food and materials to resume their lives. They may well be able to visit relatives and home villages but until they are able to resume normal agricultural and business lives the refugees are in a twilight zone of being free, but not being free to have a productive life.

Sri Lanka Holds Back Hand From Reconciliation

At the end of the American Civil War in which 500,000 men died, the Lincoln government held out the hand of friendship and told Confederate soldiers to keep their horses and ride home and return to their farms. Only one person was executed as a result of this bloody war. The Sri Lanka government refuses to extend the hand of peace and reconciliation. Hundreds of thousands of defeated Tamils remained locked in camps which the outside world cannot visit. Sri Lanka’s government argues that rebels might be lurking within the ranks of the refugees and therefore care must be taken before any are released. A staunch supporter of the government’s war against the Tamils noted that despite promises of peace once the war ended, “they have locked them up like animals with no date certain of when they will be released. This is simply asking for another conflict later on down the road.”

Sri Lanka’s president, Mahinda Rajapaksa insists he is merely trying to protect the people who are now locked up in camps. He warns that rebels might escape if the refugees are allowed to leave. Sri Lanka most probably is daily creating rebels as thousands linger in camps with no prospect of work or being able to enjoy a normal life.