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Sail Away From Sri Lanka To New Worlds

The government of Sri Lanka has finally crushed a long civil war, but the war to regain the support of those who lost in the war will go on for decades. Thousands of Tamils believe there is no future in Sri Lanka since they will always be regarded as traitors and must accept whatever work those in power will sanction. Thousands of Tamils are gathering on the sea coasts of Sri Lanka seeking boats that will take them to new homes, particularly in nations like Australia which already have many people of Tamil heritage. One human rights activist noted: “There’s a sense that a flight is on, especially among Tamil youth… A lot of young people have gone missing from here.”

Of course, many never make it to the promised land of Australia and succumb to the oceans and meet their death in some far off place in the Indian or Pacific oceans. Such is the aftermath of war.

Surveillance Cameras Capture “Criminals?”

In the modern world if a camera says you are guilty of something chances are you, at least, are guilty of something and must defend self against the all-seeing camera which claims never to be wrong. Surveillance cameras at Colombo airport in Sri Lanka are paid for by the government of Australia in its efforts to capture Tamil agents. At least 29 people have been detained in the past month by cameras designed to identify Tamils who might be working with the now crushed Tamil rebel forces. One can only wonder if it is legal under Australian law to place cameras in another country, take photographs and use that data as the basis for legal action.

Tamils are now confronted with the problem of using the Colombo airport and exposing themselves to being arrested and spirited away to some unknown destination. Even if a person eventually is deemed innocent, they must still endure the process of being detained, questioned, threatened and then released. Certainly, this is not the way to treat innocent people. But, then again, the camera never lies– just people do!