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Tata Revolution Is Upon The World

Raton Tata, chief executive officer of his company was driving one day when he noticed an indian family clustered on a motor bike in the rain. The incident sparked a dream in the mind of Tata. “It led me to wonder,” he reflected, “whether one could c onceive of a safe, affordable all-weather form of transportation for such a family.” Well, Tata Motors has translated a dream into a reality. It unveiled in New Dehli, the Tata, a car that wiil only coast about $2500 and will revolutionize life on planet Earth. It is a modern version of the Ford Model T car that made millions of Americans able to purchase a vehicle. However, the 200 million middle class people of India will now have an opportunity to pollute the world on an equal basis with other developed nations.

The Tata may be the equvalent of an atomic bomb exploding in the world. CO2 emissions will sky rocket as millions of middle class Indians, and then other Asians, get access to cars. This is a disaster in the making and the world must address this new issue. As people in India get off their motor scooters, they are getting on the vehicle to their own planetary destruction. And, the West has nothing to say other than, don’t be as stupid as we have been for a hundred years.