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Who Has The Pink Tattoo On Her Buttocks?

Sylvie Menard, was on her way home to Canada after a relaxing vacation in Mexico when airport authorities made her enter a room and strip in order to have police examine her buttocks. It appears they were seeking a criminal who has a pink tattoo on her rear end and since Ms. Menard has the same name, it was only natural to make her lower her panties and reveal that she does not have a pink tattoo. A spokesperson for the Canada Border Services Agency says he can not discuss the case since it is rather confidential and while the Border Services might make a mistake now and then about buttocks, they had reasonable grounds to examine the buttocks of Ms. Menard. “We can’t let someone enter the country unless we’re absolutely certain about their identity.”

Given that airports require everyone to remove shoes because some nut tried to light his shoes, I assume we will now all be required to lower our undergarments and allow guards to check our asses for terrorist tattoos. Or, we could adopt the suggestion offered to Ms. Mernard by a policeman who said she should change her name to avoid future confusion. Thank God our borders are protected by such intelligent agents of rear ends!