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Is Obama Planning To Kill Elderly With Te Hokioi?

There is no doubt investigative reporting by such noted objective thinkers like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh has uncovered a secret Barack Obama plan to kill elderly Americans in order to cut health costs. Scientists working in secret laboratories are attempting to resurrect the ancient giant bird, Te Hokioi, which Maroi legend said was capable to seizing a human and eating it. The bird’s claws were as big as a tiger’s claws. According to records which this reporter as studied, the Obama plan is to send the elderly to rural areas on the ostensible promise they need more fresh air. Once in the open, hundreds of the Te Hokioi will be unleashed so they can grab grandma and grandpa and take them away to caves in the Rocky Mountains.

The Administration undoubtedly will deny this story. But, the next time grandma or grandpa goes for a walk in the woods, don’t worry about the wolves, look up in the sky and if you see a giant bird, run like the wind. After all, grandpa and grandma would have been killed anyway by one of those Death Panels, the president wants to create.