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Tea Party Party Of Historical Ignorance

Once again the Tea Party demonstrated its ignorance of history by unveiling a billboard which displays portraits of President Obama, Adolf Hitler and Nikolai Lenin. Under the photos was a statement saying: “Radical Leaders prey On The Fearful And Naive.” Bob Johnson of the North Iowa Tea Party refuses to apologize for this insult to the president on grounds that Obama is a socialist. It is quite clear members of the Tea Party have never read a book which explains Socialism, have no idea what were the goals of Lenin or Hitler, and continue to dwell in the house of ignorance. Ironically, earlier today I encountered a Tea Party member while having a cup of coffee. He informed me that Social Security was a Socialist idea as was the income tax. I asked him about the origin of social security and he responded: “Woodrow Wilson.” I then pointed out Social Security was first initiated in the 1880s by Otto von Bismarck and he responded: “Who is that?” I pointed out to him the original impetus for the income tax in America came from the farmer dominated Populist Party in the 1890s. I could have been discussing nuclear physics because this typical Tea Party schmuck knew as much about history as I do about fixing a car–which is absolutely nothing!

How can one explain to these morons that Social Security in America was NOT a Socialist idea. Socialists have always desired that social security be paid from general tax funds, not by workers and bosses. I was told by the TEAPOT MORON that Theodore Roosevelt as well as Franklin Roosevelt were Socialists! I hope Teddy is not upset, just remember, Teddy, there are Americans these days who learn the nation’s history from the likes of Glenn Beck!

I await Tea Party claims that George Washington was a Socialist because he wanted a strong federal government and he endorsed the Hamilton Bank of the US.

Democracy Is A Word Used By Its Opponents

Among modern tragedies none is more comical and disastrous than use of words such as “democratic” by groups seeking to end democracy in their land. Church of Sweden Bishop Lennart Koskinen was shocked to learn that his tent that was set up to speak words of peace and love wound up next to the tent of nationalist immigrant hating Sweden Democrats at Almedalen week on Gotland. Security guards from the neo-Nazi “Democrats” told the bishop to get out of their tent on ground they had a right to free speech. Police arrived on the scene to inform the bishop since Sweden was a democratic nation it had to allow those opposing democracy the right to spew their hate and talk of violence. The bishop was upset because loud speakers at the neighboring tent could drown out his words of peace and love.

We inhabit a world in which political words have lost meaning. Tea Party supporters rant about the Constitution and their rights even as they disrupt members of Congress who are attempting to talk with their constituents. The Tea Party claims it supports the Founding Fathers in opposing big government. Of course, the Founding Fathers were not satisfied with the Articles of Confederation which lacked a strong central government can thus created the Federal government. The Tea Party opposes the Federal Reserve System but under George Washington, his Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton created the Bank of the United States– a federal banking institution. There is scant doubt if Washington was alive today, the last group he would welcome would be the Tea Party.


During the course of American history, there have been sporadic outbursts of “reform” groups which express disdain for the present which is viewed as corrupt and tainted by vestiges of “un-American” components. The famous Populist Party which emerged in the last decade of the 19th century stemmed from farm groups which regarded industrial leaders and the influx of immigrants from southern and eastern Europe as harbingers of a dramatic change in the composition of the American population. It is not surprising that studies reveal the vast majority of Tea Party leaders are from the upper middle class and essentially white. Their demands to “return to laissez faire” and end government regulation of business is closer to Jeffersonian Democrats in the early 1800s than to Republican nineteenth century leaders like Abraham Lincoln who welcomed industry and wanted the federal government to subsidize railroad expansion. Ironically, Tea Party goals of ending government regulation fly in the face of Republican Progressives of the early 20th century who, under leadership of Theodore Roosevelt, wanted government regulation of business corporations and laws to regulate the working place, end child labor, protect women at work, etc….

Tea Party leaders in demanding “give me back my America” are seeking a return to an America which has long ceased to exist. Prior to the Civil War, most American farmers raised for themselves or the local market. An industrial world meant there were now 30,000,000 customers in cities anxious to purchase farm products. Technology now allowed US farmers to sell anywhere in the world. As late as 1940, about 90% of what Americans purchased was made in America. Tea Party leaders want a return to a WASP controlled America which could exist without large scale government intervention. The Populist Party– farmers– were the ones who introduced the graduated income tax– NOT SOCIALISTS. Republican leaders like Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft wanted government regulation. In 1890, a Republican Congress passed the Sherman Anti-Trust act, NOT SOCIALISTS.

If the Tea Party wants to help America it will focus on the Future, not the past. As of this point, there ideas border on the ludicrous for a modern post industrial society. For example, China is plunging into Africa and South America and offering billions in aid. How can American businessmen compete with such offers? Wake up Tea Party folk and offer programs for the 21st century.

Dr. No Paul And Ignorance Of History

Tea Party supporters such as Dr. Rand Paul, son of Ron, Senior, display and amazing ignorance of history when discussing the past of their nation. Tea Party advocates cite the famous Boston Tea Party as the symbol of reducing taxes even though the British had REDUCED the price of tea at that time. Dr. No Rand displayed a complete unawareness of civil rights in American history by telling reporters he had misgivings concerning the Civil Rights Act of 1965 because he thought “a lot of things could be handled locally.” Schmuck, local groups had passed laws that deprived Negroes of their civil rights, why would they be the ones to be in charge of civil rights? In 1957, Republican President Dwight Eisenhower had to send the army into Little Rock, Arkansas, to enforce integration of the high school. Negro children were escorted by soldiers pass local mobs of hate yelling men and women who even spit at the children. Dr. No is not a bigot, he is simply another one of Tea Party individuals who never have read a book dealing with American history.

The good news concerning Dr. No is that he comes across as having some sense when compared to Mark Williams leader of the Tea Party Express. Williams refers to Obama as “the half white racist president.” and considers Muslims to be worshippers of “the terrorist half monkey god.” FOX News believes Williams is a reputable voice of American politics. The Tea Party is simply the latest manifestation in American history of demagogues who stir up hate and eventually the American people realize that respect for our opponents is a basic tenet of this nation.

Tumultuous Tuesday Today In Politics?

By this evening, there will be further evidence of a Know-Nothing emergence in American politics as ardent voters turn to the ballot box in primary elections to inform the nation if one seeks to gain public office this November, offer positive proof one is ignorant. Yes, there is a recession, yes, America is involved in two wars, yes, it is not the fault of Barack Obama. Arguments used against the president ranging from illegal immigrants to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, blame the man who INHERITED the mess, NOT the man who CREATED THE MESS. The Know Nothing party of the 1850s was against Irish and German immigrants and Catholics who were believed to be under the control of the Pope in Rome. Modern Know Nothings believe Obama was born in Africa and is a secret Muslim. Of course he is, that’s why he sent 30,000 more troops to fight in Afghanistan, that’s why he has continued Bush laws which violate civil rights, yes, the man who stands against Muslims is undoubtedly a secret Muslim!

America, the nation inhabited by descendants of immigrants who stole the land from Indians, is against illegal immigrants. For God’s sake, the original British settlers were ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Barack Obama inherited stupid wars, he inherited a massive debt, and his greatest mistake was FAILURE TO BE A LIBERAL. Instead, he chose conservative ideas and made the mess ever worse.

A nation which currently leads the world in obesity will also lead the world in political stupidity.


Tea Party ranters wander the nation yelling about higher taxes and demanding we return to the days of yore when some Boston men went on British ships and dumped tea overboard to protest tea rates. Of course, the English government and the East India Tea Company had REDUCED THE PRICE OF TEA, but, what the heck, as far as the ignorant masses who comprise the Tea Party knowing anything about American history is not part of their knowledge base. On one hand, they argue we are in a war against “terrorism,” but on the other hand, they refuse to follow policies such as during World War II when the prevailing sentiment was that taxes SHOULD BE RAISED IN ORDER TO PAY FOR THE COST OF THE WAR! A true patriot would feel proud to pay taxes in order to provide for the common defense and to assist fellow citizens. Tax rates during WWII went as high as 70% over a certain level because Americans in those days had the quaint notion that no one should make money in times of national emergency.

We need to raise taxes on those making over $250,000 in order to have sufficient funds to pay for the police and firemen we need, to provide jobs for our young people who could spend times working productively at rebuilding our infrastructure and making this a nation which is at the forefront of business innovation. We either pay now or this nation will fall behind.

True Tea Party patriots will support this plea for higher taxes on the wealthy and more jobs for the unemployed.


The conservative Political Action Conference met to examine candidates who would be abvle to restore the virtues of our Founding Fathers of limited government. Unfortunately, American conservatives know as much about the Founding Fathers as they do about fiscal responsibility. George Washington, whom they regard as a hero, supported creation of the Federal Bank of the United States which allowed Alexander Hamilton to have the Federal government pay off state debts. Thomas Jefferson was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase and supported construction by the Federal government of the first great highway. Andrew Jackson,s not only threatened Southern states which talked about voiding national laws, but supported sending money to states in order to have highways and canals built. The transcontinental railroad was built due to federal money paid by the Lincoln government. Oh, federal legislation allowed for protective tariffs which raised prices for the average American, but allowed businessmen to make money.

Theodore Roosevelt busted corporations and urged federal regulation of them, he urged the national government to create a model school system in Washington D.C. and, he was among the first to call for a graduated income tax. Wilson pushed through the Federal Reserve System and we could mention other conservatives who wanted protective tariffs.

Ron Paul is the one selected by the conference as their hero. He wants balanced budgets and low taxes and non-intervention in foreign affairs. I guess that means conservatives do not wish to take action against terrorists. Oh, conservatives are the ones complaining about Obama being weak on terrorism.

Tea Party Illiterates Blast Liberal Illiterates!!

I can never suppress a smile reading or hearing what Tea Party leaders say about America or American history. It is quite clear, not only from their name, but their statements few have ever read a history of the United States of America. Former Rep. Tom Tancredo told a gathering of Tea Party illiterates the only reason Barack Obama was elected was because, “we do not have a civics literacy test before people can vote.” OK, let us examine the history of the Tea Party.

In 1754, a young American from Virginia, George Washington, was sent by the governor to deal with French incursions in the Ohio Valley. The failed Washington attempt was the opening spark in a conflict we term, the French and Indian War, but Europeans refer to the Seven Years war. In a nutshell, the British fought France all over the world and finally in 1761 were able to triumph. The war placed an enormous burden on the British people, which is the cause of “taxation” of the colonies to help pay costs. Most British taxes were repealed after colonial complaints, but in reality over 90% of taxes paid by colonists were voted by their own assemblies.

Ah, the infamous Tea Party. Sorry, Mr. Illiterate Tom Tancredo, but the BRITISH LOWERED THE PRICE OF TEA– THEY DID NOT RAISE IT!! It was believed if the East India Tea Company could sell lower price tea, people would cease buying from smugglers.

So, we have morons known as the Tea Party ranting about taxes. I wonder if any of them realize the US has among the LOWEST rates of taxation? Tell me, Mr. Tancredo, is your party upset when taxes are lowered??

Tea Party Ranters Lack Knowledge Of Tea Party!

Tea Party followers have decided to hold a national convention in Tennessee and have Sarah Palin display her ignorance which would fit into the mode of operation of these ignorant yokels of America. It is apparent none of them actually knows anything about the reasons for the Boston Tea Party. According to modern Tea Party ranters, the Boston incident arose
because Americans did not wish to pay higher taxes on tea. SORRY FELLOWS, YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG. THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT –LOWERED– THE PRICE OF TEA!! It might be interesting if Tea Party advocates actually read a book on history. Of course, their designated moron, Sarah Palin, is living proof that ignorance can result in making money.

Professor John Mark Reynolds, a conservative philosopher, read Sarah Palin’s book and came away in fury. It turns out Ms. Palin, a leading scholar in Greek history, misquoted Aristotle and Plato. As Reynolds notes, “but in writing a book full of spurious misquotations, Sarah Palin demonstrates she is not serious.” I beg to differ with the professor. She is serious, serious about making money and being in the spotlight.


I have watched and listened to the ranting and raving of your group concerning the rise in our national debt and the attempt by President Obama to institute some form of national health insurance. I would appreciate if any of you could respond to the following.

1. In 2000, President Bush inherited not only a balanced budget from President Clinton, but one which had a surplus to be used in paying down our then $5 trillion national debt. Bush decided to unbalance the budget and increased our national debt from $5 trillion to $9 trillion. Why weren’t you in the streets yelling and screaming when Bush doubled the national debt?
2. Or, where were you when President Reagan almost doubled the national debt?
3. Does this suggest your group is only concerned about “America’s future” when Democrats are president?
4. You claim to be concerned Americans, but where were you when President Bush lied to the American people by claiming there were WMD that threatened our security? Does your “concern for America” include being concerned that over 4,000 of our wonderful young men and women died due to a lie and over 30,000 were wounded?
5. Why weren’t you in the streets when George Bush refused to increase medical facilities, like more trained personnel for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or do the medical needs of our gallant warriors hold no interest for your fury and anger?
6. Over 45,000,000 of our fellow Americans lack medical insurance and these days almost daily thousands are losing health insurance due to downsizing. Why aren’t you in the streets demanding health insurance for these Americans? They are our fellow Americans!
7. Do you believe it is dignified for members of Congress to rustle papers, fiddle with their cell phones, and shout out when the President of the United States is the guest of Congress? Do you believe George Washington would have agreed with such behavior? Of course, I infer you have some knowledge about the thinking and dignity of George Washington.

I am certain most of you are passionate and that is a good thing. But, in America, we respect our institutions, we respect the Constitution and we respect the fact our candidate lost an election and this nation selected someone else. From the day in March, 1801 when John Adams got in his carriage and rode home to Massachusetts so Virginian Thomas Jefferson could be the new president, we have shown respect when defeated.