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Who Knows Pupil Learning–Teachers Or Test Makers?

Latest test results from Great Britain suggest more than 120,000 11 year-old students are unable to read, write, and add up properly. According to the tests, about one in five children fail to make the grade in English and even more are unable to reach the required standards in math. However, teachers disagree with test results and their complaints range from having students coached to obtain higher test scores to the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) which claims to have been flooded with more than 300 emails from schools highlighting examples of maladministration and inaccuracies in grading. Government officials insist tests are accurate indicators of what students are learning while most schools claim they will retest students in the fall because they have lost confidence in the ability of tests to provide accurate information as to the learning levels of students.

Most teachers agree student performance has led to higher scores due to coaching for the test but they are upset tests come in May and then there is a drop off in anyone teaching children.

If teachers are professionals they should be accorded the same respect and confidence one has for doctors. They work with each child over a hundred days and any competent teacher has a fair grasp as to the learning ability of students in their class. It is time to trust teachers.