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Is Sex With A Minor Part Of Swedish Curriculum?

A teacher in Sweden joined a group of men whose pleasure in life was going online, soliciting girls for sex, having sex with them and paying off for the young ladies for their willingness to participate in this activity. It turned out that one of the girls was 17 and thus it would ordinarily be illegal for a man to have sex with her. The judge did not regard the fact the girl was only 17 and fined the young teacher about $200 for having sex with a minor. The teacher returned to his school and was shocked to learn that authorities did not believe he was fit to continue teaching. After much discussion, it was realized by school officials that no grounds existed for firing the teacher and he had every right to teach young boys and girls.

Birgitta Elm, resource director of the city, concluded the best solution was simply paying the teacher about $72,000 and having him go his merry way to another school district. Sex with girls is no crime, but one would ordinarily think having sex with a high school age girl is certainly not what one wants on the resume of a teacher. Oh well, this is Sweden, and the girls are pretty, and the price for seducing a 17 year old is about $200 so on with the show and hope he seduces one of his students and then has to pay a fine of about $500.