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South African Educators Accused Of Violence

Unfortunately, it is all too common for students in too many African societies to be confronted by sexual and physical abuse at the hands of teachers. The South African Council for Educators(SACE) is investigating 234 teachers who are charged with rape, sexual assault and physical violence toward their students. SACE has responsibility for promoting professional conduct among teachers and removing those who fail to adhere to high standards of professional conduct. In the 234 cases, there were complaints about corporal punishment, rape and sexual harassment.

There are examples in many African societies in which students are compelled to pay bribes for good grades or some females are under pressure to allow teachers to sexually abuse them or face the reality of failing courses. SACE officials believe in too many cases, parents are pressured or bribed not to report violence toward their children.

The reality of life for too many students is one in which they are pawns to those in positions of authority.