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Students Came To School-Where Were The Teachers?

Every child, at some point or another, wishes to awake with a stomach ache so school could be skipped. But, few ever thought it might be possible to arrive at school and discover there were no teachers. In Nigeria, the state commissioner of education fired the entire school staff and the principal of the Government Secondary School Fantal in Hadejia because when inspectors came to the school in a surprise visit, there were plenty of students in class, but virtually the entire teaching staff was no where in sight. The Commissioner discovered that about 15 different classes had students but the teacher was missing.

Unfortunately, there have been too many cases in various African nations of teachers who exchange grades for sex or teachers who claim they have to work at another job in order to make ends meet which compels them to skip school when work gets in the way. The children need teachers, not absentee minds.