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Suicide Boy Faces Charges In Sweden

A teenager in Sweden told his friends that he was going to overdose on heroin, and then proceeded to lock himself in a bathroom. His friends ignored the boy’s comment and contacted the police who came to the apartment and broke down the door of the toilet in order to save the boy’s life. OK, so far? But, after saving the boy’s life, the police charged him with possession of drugs! The boy’s comment to being charged was: “It does more harm than good.”

There is something wrong in this war against drugs when the best response authorities can make to a teenager’s plea for help is to charge him with a crime. The boy TOLD his friends that he might kill himself, that is not what people who seriously wish to commit suicide do– his comments to the friends were a desperate plea for assistance. The boy needs a therapist, not going to jail or having his record damaged by being cited as someone who was charged with a crime.