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Republican Blasts Bush In Tehran Times

Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Ronald Reagan, sharply criticized President Bush in an article appearing in the Tehran Times. He accused Bush and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown of hypocrisy in decrying violence in Burma, but continuing unabated violence in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Indeed, Bush and Brown, as commanders in chief, are on a killing spree that makes the government of Burma look extremely restrained in comparison…. what is the difference between Bush and Brown on one hand, and the murderous Burmese government on the other?” Roberts notes Brown and Bush are always claiming they seek democracy and use that expression to justify killing innocent people while at least the thugs running Myanmar have never hidden their contempt for democracy and freedom.

Paul Roberts, a conservative Republican, is contemptuous of Bush for claiming debasing constitutional rights is the price Americans must pay for safety, and in so doing, “Bush has sunk the United States to a new low in human intelligence and morality.” It is rather remarkable that a conservative Reaganite must assume leadership in the fight against Bush’s violation of civil liberties. Imagine if a liberal wrote such an article that appeared in the anti-American Tehran Times