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Cry For Sanity In Iran

Among the most amazing events of the past year has been the courage displayed by Iranian students and some political leaders who refuse to remain silent in the face of government led brutality. A group of 98 professors at Tehran University sent a letter to
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei asked that he intercede and help to calm down the fury which is sweeping the nation. Their letter is posted on the pro-reform Greenroad web site. The professors emphasized to Khamenei that, “nighttime attacks kon defenceless student dormitories and daytime assaults on students at universities, venues of education and learning is not a sign of strength…. nor is beating up students and their mass imprisonment.”

The plea will be ignored and those who signed the document will be punished. The issue facing Iran is whether the current government can calm down the anger that is apparent among many groups in the country or whether the government will opt to use force regardless of the consequences for the people of Iran.

Tehran Youth Continue Demonstrating!

At least twenty Iranian protestors have been killed, hundreds had their heads bashed in by the thugs of President Ahmadinejad, but the spirit of democracy will not die in Iran. Even as Tehran’s governor, Morteza Tamaddon warned, “if some individuals plan to conduct anti-security moves through listening to a call by counter-revolutionary networks, they will be smashed” hundreds of students gathered to shout “death to the Dictator.” Groups of students have been gathering at street corners to hurl words of defiance at authorities. Security forces run toward them with batons held high, but the young people flee only to return elsewhere. It is estimated a group of 700 Tehran University students gathered to express their disdain for the illegal government of Iran.

Ahmadinejad and Khamenei have won the first round of a struggle that will go on for years. The young people of Iran will not accept defeat and they will continue challenging the power elite. Some will die, many will be beaten, and hundreds will wind up in prison, but their spirit lives on and the world will support them in any way that can be done.