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Can One Receive Sick Benefits For Telemarketing?

A Swedish woman was working as a telemarketer and decided to go on sick leave. During her time on sick leave, the woman obtained work on a phone sex chat line. However, the Swedish Social Agency is claiming she filed fraudulent claims because although having the opportunity to work in telemarketing, she claimed it made her sick and therefore, she entered the sex chat line business. Anyone who has worked in telemarketing understands just a few day spouting lies and distortion is enough to make a decent person sick to her stomach. How many times can one interrupt people during their meal time, their serious conversation with a child or that wonderful moment when they are going to complete the sex act without obtaining serious feelings of guilt and remorse?

On the other hand, sex chat line work ensures you are making someone achieve his desires and thus making certain he will spend the day filled with rapture at the thought women find him desirable. Such work does not make people sick. It is clear being involved in telemarketing is akin to working with radiation and anyone who enters such work, should be accorded sick leave. Keep on chatting my Swedish lass and make the men feel good.