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Is It Wise And Peaceful Not To Visit Temple Mount?

The Middle East has been the source of three great human religions and it thus has helped to spread hatred and violence all over the world. Two or three or four or five thousand years later, people are divided and angry over this or that religious site. Conflicts recently broke out in the Temple Mount area of Jerusalem when some Christian tourists wound up at the site and caused violent conflict between Jews and Muslims. Rbbi Yousef Shalom Elyashiv, a noted Jewish law expert, urged Jews to stay away from the Temple Mount. He said it was halachically forbidden for Jews to ascend the Temple Mount and thought such voyages only led to violence and hatred.

Yehuda Glick, director of the Temple Institute, disagrees and not only wants to go to the Temple Mount but seeks to have a synagogue build on the site. President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority fears Jews are trying to take over Jerusalem and drive out Muslims, people rant and rave against one another. Isn’t it wonderful the Middle East is the source of so much peaceful religion which has led to so much anger and hate. Surely, Jews can exist without going to the Temple Mount.