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Jihad In North Carolina!!

Homeland Security devotes extensive resources and energy in the struggle to prevent foreign born terrorists from entering the nation. Heck, we still take off our shoes in an airport because several years ago a terrorist on an airplane attempted to light his own. Yesterday, in the quaint terrorist locale of Raleigh, North Carolina, a man, his sons and four others were arrested on charges of planning a jihad here in America. Daniel Patrick Boyd. who two decades ago trained in terrorist camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan and went on to fight Soviet troops in Afghanistan, converted to the Muslim religion and persuaded his sons to join him in a holy war against the infidels. The group is charged with providing material support to terrorism.

Boyd left his Raleigh mosque because it was too moderate and gathered around him a group that wanted to do strike a blow against those who represent the evil West. Boyd’s mother who lives in Maryland termed news about the jihad, “weird to me.” Most probably it is equally weird to neighbors and friends of the man who harbors anger at those who do not fit his definition of being a “good Muslim.”

Since we have to remove our shoes because of some nut case on a plane, does news about Boyd mean we no longer can travel to North Carolina?

Dick Cheney’s Prayer For War!

In the aftermath of 9/11, the Bush/Cheney administration turned the nation’s focus to dangers of terrorism and created an impetus which could only be maintained by finding another war to keep people believing Republicans were the saviors of America. CIA Chief Leon Panetta in an article appearing in the New Yorker claims former vice president Dick Cheney thinks “he smells blood in the water on the national security issue” and “it’s almost a little bit gallows politics. when you read behind it, it’s almost as if he’s wishing that this country would be attacked again in order to make his point. I think that’s dangerous politics.” Unfortunately, the chain man is not the only one with that thought in mind. Tune into Fox News or Rush Limbaugh to hear the latest drum beat of fear and war.

There are American who go to sleep every night praying to God their nation was safe from harm. There are others who pray to God that America suffers another terrorist attack in order to prove their point that Barack Obama is a soft hearted liberal who appeases forces of terrorism. These are the sick people who have transformed the Republican party into a center of hate and fear.

Gadhafi Against Terrorism

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi who has admitted supporting terrorist groups as well as blowing up a Pan Am jetliner over Scotland which caused the death of 270 people is firmly against any form of terrorism and is furious that even though he admitted being responsible for the airliner crash no one rewarded him for honesty. After all, it does say in the Koran a man who kills 270 people and apologizes is entitled to a considerable cash reward. On a visit to Italy, the mouth that roars blamed the United States for the spread of terrorism in the world by its foolish invasion of Iraq. He pointed out Al-Qaeda “couldn’t have entered the Iraq of Saddam Hussein, ” but through Bush stupidity it has “become an Islamic extremist state.”

The Libyan leader was pleased Italy apologized for its colonial past and paid $6 billion for the damage done to the Libyan past. I am confused. Italy apologized and paid money, but no one rewarded them for honesty! Wait a second. Gadhafi did meet with 700 Italian women, I guess that was the reward, Italian women were given an opportunity to make out with Libya’s best make-out man.

Four Caballeros Terrorists Prove Cheney Right??

Having nothing better to do with my life, I spent a few hours watching Fox News and listening to the former vice president discuss the state of the world. The capture of four terrorists who planned on blowing up synagogues in the Bronx and shooting down an airplane has aroused the right wing media because they claim this plot is proof the Cheney-Bush administration was on the right course in protecting America against terrorism. I noticed everyone on these programs displays a concerned look and mentions America quite a few times in a sentence. I listened to one show in which this nice lady said the fact these men developed their plans while in jail proves Cheney is right that we should not release the Guantanamo prisoners.

I am a bit slow on the up take at times. Let’s see, the men while in jail made their terrorist plan so the solution to dealing with terrorists is to put them in jail where they can develop plans of terrorism? Or, is the solution, free everyone from jail so they won’t have any place to get together to make terrorist plans?

As I read about these “terrorists” they come across as a modern version of the Keystone Cops who bumbled their way through life. I also read in the Times about a Pentagon study which reveals one in seven terrorists who are released return to terrorism. Actually, that rate of crime is much lower than release of normal people released from jail. It could be read that six out of seven terrorists released from jail did NOT engage in terrorism.

To be honest, I though Dick Cheney had died a few years ago since no one heard a word from him, but these days you will find him on a stage giving his speech about terrorism and how he, with some minor assistance from the guy who was called, “president,” saved America from terrorism. Is he now a candidate for president in 2012?

Terrorist Trials End In UK Without Any Convictions

Since day one of the 9/11 bombing, the people of the United States and Western Europe have been subject to an amazing propaganda campaign concerning the presence of terrorists and their plans to destroy society. Three men who were close friends of those who bombed the London transit system in 2005 were cleared of any involvement in the bombings which means that after four years of investigation no one has ever been found who actually participated in the tragic events of those days. The three defendants hate the West and most probably would have participated in the actions of their friends, but believing is not the same as acting.

The verdicts represent a blow to Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command which devoted tens of thousands of police hours conducting an investigation that never found anyone. Most probably some who participated in planning the bombings are still alive and wandering the streets of England or some other locale. But, they are not in jail.

Western societies have to free themselves of the belief that every Muslim hides within his soul a desire to be suicide bomber or destroy Western nations. There are criminal groups in every society, so why should Muslims be any different than the rest of humankind?

Shame Of Great Britain Sending Asylum Seekers To Death

Great Britain historically was a land of refuge for those fleeing persecution. Karl Marx spent most of his adult life in the safety of the United Kingdom. Adam Osman Mohammed, a refugee from Darfur, came to England in 2005 having fled the horror that was Darfur for those who were not Arabs. He told British investigators for the Home Office that if he returned to Darfur there was a strong likelihood he would be killed. But, this is modern day England whose Socialist government has forgotten what happened to Socialists in the good old days. Mohammed returned to Khartoum where he spent a few weeks and being assured it was safe headed back to Darfur. His cousin, Mohammed Elzaki Obuseka, chair of the Darfur union in the UK, tells the rest of the story. “the government security forces had followed him to another village, Calgoo, where his wife and child had sought help. They came to the village and targeted him. They shot him in front of his wife and child.”

Despite overwhelming evidence that returning to Darfur is dangerous for non-Arabs who become targets of the notorious janjaweed, the Home Office insists there is nothing to fear– except death, we assume. At least, there is nothing to fear for the Home Office. Shame on Great Britain. I guess if Karl Marx were alive today, he would be classified as a “terrorist” and returned to Germany.

Yemen Frees al-Qaida Suspects

There is always a thin line between seeking to be careful as to which suspected al-Qaida followers are put in jail and trusting them to embark on a new road of peace. The Yemen government has decided to rely on the word of honor of 170 al-Qaida suspects as well as pledges from local tribal chieftains that the men will behave themselves and cease working with terrorist organizations. The announcement came weeks after al-Qaida openly said its goal was to establish a base in Yemen which is open to such endeavors due to a weak armed force and terrain that favors guerrilla activities. The Yemen strategy is to enlist local authorities to control young men who are bent on terror to end such behavior.

For those of us not part of Yemen society, we can only wonder if such an approach will work. There is considerable merit in attempting to enlist local chieftains in the effort to reform terrorists. Frankly, this approach makes as much sense as the American belief that torturing men will turn them against supporting terrorism.

There Is No Such Thing As War On Terror

The greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people by George Bush was not searching for WMD but waging a war on terror. The word “terror” is ambiguous since one person’s terror is another person’s delight. British Foreign Secretary David Miliband strongly denounced the Bush program of a war on terror which has led to the debasement of the rule of law. “The idea of a war on terror gave the impression of a unified enemy, embodied in the figure of Osama bin Laden and al-Qeda.” As Miliband pointed out, “the reality is that the motivation and identities of terrorist groups are disparate.” Bush attempted to give the impression these terror groups were somehow united and under a central direction.

A nation can not wage “war” against an idea-terror-it can only wage war against an entity comprising some form of organization and coherence. The notion of a “war on terror” is a mistaken one which has confused the issue of how to organize efforts to win people over to the cause of democracy. Why do people anywhere in the world support terrorists? This question should be among the key ones posed by those who wish to lessen the impact of terrorists in the world. Bush always believed armed force would defeat “terrorism” and that will probably be his enduring mistake in history.

President Bush Survives Terrorist Attack!!

President George Bush has been an outstanding leader of the United States from the first moment when he allowed himself to be interrupted reading a children’s story in order to be flown away to safety. Cowards like Bill Clinton would have remained in the safety of a kindergarten room, but George Bush stood up to terrorists. Who can forget his brave seizing of a bullhorn to loudly proclaim to assembled construction workers his belief America would be triumphant and they should not be upset at not having the government spend its valuable money on their health problems? Of course, George Bush really proved his bravery under fire when he defied sea sickness to stand on a moving aircraft carrier and announce the war was over. Most American presidents would have taken the cowardly path of refusing to acknowledge American had won the war in Iraq.

In his latest defiance of death, George Bush became the first president in American history who ducked not one–but two shoes thrown at him!! Yes, liberal scoffers and do-gooders will probably poke fun at this incredibly brave performance. The TV screen does not lie, George Bush used his physical and mental mobility to duck two shoes thrown at him by a crazed Iraqi terrorist and thus saved, not merely his life, but the entire shoe industry of America. Just think about the reaction of the American public if Bush had been struck by a shoe– people would have refused buying shoes and thousands would have lost their jobs!

George “Two Shoe Ducking” Bush will go down in history as the bravest American president in history. It proves conclusively what Rush Limbaugh and other Republican pundits have been saying–Bush was selected by Jesus Christ himself to save the world from the evil of atheistic shoe throwing people.

Nuclear Attack By Pakistan By 2013?

A US congressional investigation into use of weapons of mass destruction presented a frightening picture of what may lie in the future of humankind. The report identifies Pakistan as the most likely candidate to use nuclear or biological weapons in some futuristic scenario. According to the bipartisan Commission on the Prevention of Mass Destruction, “unless the world community acts decisively and with great urgency, it is more likely than not that a weapon of mass destruction will be used in a terrorist attack somewhere in the world by the end of 2013.”

There is a high probability that biological or nuclear weapons will be used in the coming years, and the confusing state of conditions in Pakistan which already has nuclear weapons suggests it might be the source of such attacks. As the report notes, “were one to map terrorism and weapons of mass destruction today, all roads would intersect in Pakistan.”

Now, the question is how to deal with this reality and prevent it from happening in the future.