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Pakistan Terrorists Win The Battle Of Mumbai!

After ten men held an Indian city hostage to terrorism, they were finally subdued, but not before their goal of disrupting both Pakistan and India had been achieved. Indian officials announced that it was raising security to a “war level”which naturally secured a Pakistan response that it was pulling troops away from tribal regions in order to man defenses on the frontier with India. Although the situation is not as tense as 2002 when both nations came close to an armed conflict, Indian political leaders are bound to raise the fear of an outside aggression in order to secure votes in upcoming elections. The Home Minister has been fired and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is promising to upgrade the capabilities of special forces as well as expand the number of those troops.

Secretary Rice and British Foreign Secretary David Miliband will soon by headed towards India and Pakistan in an effort to reduce tensions. India has not yet claimed the Pakistan government had a hand in the Mumbai massacre, but it is clear a Pakistan-based group, Lashkar-e-Toiba played a prominent role in the entire operation. It is also clear that group has links to the Pakistan ISI organization.

It is amazing that ten men can come close to creating a war between two nations. It is important for the Pakistan government to clean up the infamous ISI including firing most of its leadership if there is ever to be trust in the Pakistan government.

Does India Have A Strategy For Terrorism?

The horror that engulfed India has sent a shock wave throughout the world, but it also raises questions as to the goals and effectiveness of Indian strategies in dealing with terrorism. The Mumbai disaster was created by Muslim extremists, but over the past twenty years there have been numerous examples of Hindu extremists who explode into violence, kill people, and are not crushed by the government. During the past few months Hindu nationalists terrorized Christians and drove hundreds from their homes, but no serious effort was ever made to crush those who carried out terrorism. There have been either Muslim or Hindu attacks that have resulted in hundreds of deaths and many speeches promising to do something, but after the talk, there is no action.

Perhaps, the place to begin developing a serious anti-terrorism program is to dramatically raise the size of Indian police forces and its army. Just a few weeks ago, an explosion rocked a mosque in Malegaon which was the work of Hindu nationalists and among those arrested was an officer in the Indian army.

There is need for a new deal in India which ends the ability of Hindu nationalists to impose their terror upon innocent people, and which finally resolves the lingering sore known as Kashmir. It is time to create an effective anti-terrorism group which deals with ALL forms of terror, not just Muslim.

Mumbai Violence Just Another Chapter In Indian Violence

The violence which engulfed Mumbai was horrific but it is basically simply another chapter in the turmoil which has plagued India since it was freed from British rule. The moment of independence was marked by strife which resulted in the killing of hundreds of thousands as Muslims an Hindus clashed with one another. The clash over Kashmir has sparked additional conflict and deaths as both sides insist they have a claim to an area that historically was mainly Muslim. In 1992, a mob of Hindu extremists destroyed a Mughal era mosque which resulted in fighting that took over 2,000 lives. A year later, terrorists struck back by killing over 200 Hindus. In 2002, the state of Gujarat witnessed a massacre of over 1,000 Muslims by Hindu mobs.

India is the world’s largest and among the most successful democracies but it has not been able to shake loose from extremists from both Hindu and Muslim factions. Perhaps, it is time for Muslim and Hindu clerics to united in the struggle to restore peace to all areas of the country. Perhaps, it is time for both Indian and Pakistan school systems to work on peace education and religious tolerance programs.

US Intelligence Warns Of Growing Violence

Michael McConnell, head of US Intelligence, warned there was increased possibilities of world wide violence sparked by conflict over scare resources. Food and fuel needs are creating turmoil in many nations, particularly as scare farm land is switched to production of products that can be used as a fuel substitute. There is also the reality new technologies can be used as part of terrorist activities. He believes by 2025, the ongoing shift of wealth from West to East will have produced significant changes in global domination. The new system that emerges could result in a dramatically different world than what is known today. By that time, China will have the world’s second largest economy and as it proceeds into the 21st century, it might eventually be number one.

McConnell is concerned about the spread of weapons as technology improves and enables small groups of people to secure enough weapons as to threaten the security of nations. There is no doubt, the world of 2025 will be more multi-polar in terms of wealth and power.

Fear Al-Qaeda Opening Branch In Lebanon

The Bush invasion of Iraq not only created chaos in Iraq, but it made al-Qaeda a powerful force in the Middle East. John McCain continues his idiotic comments concerning bringing “democracy to Iraq” and is oblivious of the impact of the invasion upon the stability of the entire Middle East. Lebanese security forces just cracked a terrorist cell that is now operating in its country and has been established by al-Qaeda. The al-Qaeda group already has launched attacks on the Lebanese army. Ahmed Moussali, of the American University in Beirut, commented: “what we are witnessing is the tip of an iceberg” and Lebanon can expect an increase in terrorism carried out by either al-Qaeda or its allies.

Moussali emphasized the terrorist groups “are against everything and everybody. Their agenda is ultimately to install a utopian Islamic system, but now they are at a stage of deconstruction.” Mainstream Islamic groups deny they are aiding the spread of such groups, but, undoubtedly they are not aggressively fighting them. Lebanon Intelligence believes the Palestinian refugee camps are a hotbed for their recruitment.

Big Brother Watching Over British Shoulders!

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has made clear the intention of the government to press ahead with proposals to collect data concerning people’s phone calls, email, and web-browsing habits because somehow that information will lead to catching terrorists doing something. Her proposal is part of a giant “Big Brother” database which would hold information about every phone call or internet activity of each citizen in the UK. The idea has led to considerable head shaking by those who are already concerned about one foul up after another by the British government in losing data or having it accessed by unauthorized individuals. Lord Carlile told the media, “as a raw idea it is awful” although he later noted there might be some justification in particular cases.

Shami Chakrabarti if the human rights group, Liberty, said, “this is another example of the Government’s obsession with gathering as much information on each of us as possible in case it might prove useful in the future.” he saw scant evidence gathering the information would lead to capturing or preventing terrorists from striking.

In so many examples of these efforts to “protect” the public, the invariable outcome is debasing the rights of individuals on grounds that in so doing the bad people will be prevented from being bad.

Out Of Ideas? — McCain Shouts Fear!

Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan ushered in an era of tax cuts for the wealthy and end government regulations over industry. John McCain entered Congress in that era and was an enthusiastic supporter of the Reagan mantra of the business of America is business. For thirty years this has been fundamental to the belief system of John McCain, but something happened in the past month. At the beginning of September, McCain insisted the economy was in great shape until he changed his mind to announce the economy was in trouble. At the core of John McCain’s belief system is a fervent belief in low taxes on the wealthy and…… It is at this point, confusion reigns. The man who wants government out of the market is now arguing for the government to interfere in the market. The man who wants small government has voted for George Bush ideas that increased the size of government.

John McCain is clueless and bewildered and has concluded the only solution is to shift to the fear approach. Those who lived in the forties and fifties lived during a time when Senator Joseph McCarthy went around America accusing any opponent of being a “communist.” John McCain is going around shouting terrorist. The Bill Ayers attack on Barack Obama is simply Joe McMcCarthyism warmed over. If one accepts the McCain linking of Barack Obama to Bill Ayers because both served on a board, it places into jeopardy any person who served on a not-for-profit board. It is doubtful if anyone checks out the past lives of other members.

With each passing day, John McCain becomes a character in a Shakespeare tragedy who is destined to destroy his honor and himself in the quest for power. Joe McCarthy wound up disgraced and ignored because he pushed the “communist” slogan too far. He reached the point where he was charging the United States army with harboring communists. The first priority in the lives of Americans in 2008 is their economic lives, not the life of Bill Ayers.

Those who live in fear and shout fear are doomed to be destroyed by their own fears.

British Teachers Urged To Monitor Student Behavior

Teachers in the United Kingdom are being asked to observe student behavior and inform authorities if they come into contact with students who may be exhibiting ideas that could be interpreted as containing possibilities they may be leaning toward violence. Teachers are also being provided a “toolkit” on how to conduct debates on issues around the world that pertain to terrorism. They are also being encouraged to bring imams in to classes in order to foster discussion about connections between terrorism and the Muslim religion. The most controversial aspect of the plan is to extend the concept of “in loco parentis” to teachers and allow them to monitor student behavior and attitudes.

Teachers are being empowered to hold open ended debates on controversial issues rather than remaining quiet on issues that daily are on the Internet or in the media. Some teacher groups are concerned at the implication for relationships between teachers and students if pupils learn what they say may be reported to authorities. Similar suggestions were made to universities and this resulted in extreme concern among professors who did not wish to be placed in the role of reporting on student behavior or words.

Russian Leader Denounces Bush On Terrorism War

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on nations of the world to unite in the fight to end global terrorism and move away from the Bush administration whose policies have seriously damaged that struggle. He noted in the aftermath of 9/11, “the solidarity of the international community fostered on the wave of struggle against terrorism” because of Bush’s invasion of Iraq which had nothing to do with defeating terrorism or proliferation of nuclear weapons. Lavrov blamed the Bush administration for attempting to assume leadership as a serious mistake because it allows a single nation to decide what one must or cannot do in fighting terrorism.

In a direct attack on United States foreign policy, the Russian diplomat said there needs to be world unity in fighting terrorism under the UN and there has to be an end to “double standards “when we fight against violations of international law such as the Georgia invasion of South Ossetia. He also called for a new European treaty dealing with security issues.

Lavrov has a Russian agenda, but there is no doubt the invasion of Iraq was the single worse decision regarding fighting terrorism.

Yemen, The Prototype Of Why Terrorism Emerges

The editorial staff of the Yemen Times examined reasons why their nation has been home to so many terrorists in the world. They point out forty years ago, three issues dominated their nation– poverty, illiteracy, and disease, but the ensuing decades did not witness any of them being addressed by the government. Although, oil was discovered, nothing was ever done to stimulate other industries or to transform farms into modern successful enterprises. Infrastructure needs such as roads, electricity and water were ignored even though efforts to develop these aspects of society would have created jobs and stimulated education. Of the 23 million people, only about one-fourth live in cities and the remainder are in small villages and rural areas.

“Most Yemenis are not educated, particularly the women. Their daily life rotates around the field, their children and local social activities. They have no means to education, especially beyond the basic level” and women have scant opportunities to escape the vicious cycle of poverty and ignorance. There is only a mediocre healthcare system so most people rely on traditional medical care approaches that date back hundreds of years.

The editors raise the issue as to what has happened to the oil money. Why hasn’t it been channelled back into society or addressing needs for economic development? Failure to develop a sound education system and economic opportunities result in young men who have no prospects and thus become attracted to voice of violence. Yemen is not rule, not the exception. How many hundreds of millions of Saudi Arabia money has gone into developing religious schools which don’t even teach modern science? When will Saudis awake to the reality their failure to work with nations such as Yemen is the reason why terrorism is found in the world.