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Turkey Confronts Issues In Kurdish Areas

The Justice and Development Party(AKP) of Turkey is examining issues related to how best the nation can work with Kurdish citizens in the southeast section of the country and is it necessary to utilize military operations against Kurdish rebels in those areas as well as in Iraq. Some argue the issues are best confronted through economic development, improve social rights of Kurds and work to place Kurds in positions of political leadership. Members of the armed forces are more inclined to resort to military action against rebels. Prime Minister Recep Erdogan recently chaired an important meeting with those involved in the anti-terror campaign. Parliament has granted the government authority to send Turkish armed forces across the border into Iraq to confront members of the Kurdistan Workers Party(PKK).

A fly in the ointment for the AKP is the upcoming elections and their fear using violence against Kurds would seriously damage the ability of the party to obtain votes in the southeast region. There might even be greater benefit to legalizing the PKK and get them involved in a political process rather than a military one.

Big Teacher Is Watching You!

Since 9/11, leaders in western societies have been able to arouse hate and fear by waving the flag of terrorism. If one claims violating individual rights is necessary to save one’s society, then many will be swayed to go along with denial of their liberties. The city of Copenhagen has decided too many of its youth are being drawn into extremist organizations so it has decided to enlist the assistance of teachers by having them spy on their own students. According to Jacob Hougaard, who works on integration, “The terror threat is real and we have a duty to make an effort. It’s thought provoking when you see that just in this last year, the police arrested a terror cell in Copenhagen, where young men were planning to manufacture bombs. This form of extremism is disturbing.”

More than 800 teachers will be trained to spot signs of extremism and a hotline will be set up so they can discuss their concerns and suspicions with a professional. The Union of Teachers in Copenhagen is disturbed at the implication of having teachers report on students to police authorities.

If a single student is reported to authorities and then tells his peers what happened, the offending teacher will never again be trusted by students. Trust between student and teacher is vital if the troubled child is to find an adult role model. Big Brother is watching in 1984 but hopefully not in 2008.

Are Olympic Terrorist Threats Much Ado About Nothing?

The Chinese government and media insist there is a potential threat at the Olympic Games from such terror groups as Tibetans, the Fulan Gong cult, pro-democracy activists and Islamic militants. The list includes a wide variety of groups who obviously have no connection with one another and one might raise the question: Are either of these groups actually planning some type of terrorist activity at the Olympic Games? For example, Tibetan activists have gained world-wide sympathy for being attacked by Chinese forces, why would they turn around and kill innocent athletes? They would be transformed from heroes into villains. At best, any “terrorist activity” on the part of pro-democracy advocates would consist of holding up placards or talking to the western press. Perhaps, the key issue is how China defines what constitutes “terrorism.”

The People’s Liberation Army has assemble 34,000 soldiers, 74 planes, 47 helicopters and 33 naval ships to deal with the suspected Olympic Games terrorism. There are probably another 70,000 police and other forces stationed in Beijing to deal with any terrorist activity. One is left with the impression that China is attempting to create a fear about non-existence forces who are engaging in non-existence terrorism.

Fall Out From Iraq Invasion Spreads Terrorism

The Bush inspired invasion of Iraq has proved to be among the most significant actions in modern Arab history with the unintended consequences of that disastrous action still reverberating throughout the world. Senator McCain insists we are “winning in Iraq” but he apparently does not have a clue that as violence declines in Iraq it is spreading to other parts of the world. A few years ago, the Algerian government had finally come close to completely crushing Islamic militants who had been fighting the government for years. One of the Algerian leaders, Mourad Khettab said, “we didn’t have enough money. the people didn’t want to join.” But, Algerian militants contacted al-Qaeda and soon not only money, but trained personnel were headed in the direction of Algeria.

The newly named Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb is now a powerful threat. It has conducted bombings, suicide bomb attacks, kidnapping or killing European tourists and a host of other actions to once again challenge the Algerian military. Its leaders note that Bush placed their organization on the terrorist list despite warnings from many diplomats the Algerian conflict was a nationalist one, and was not part of any international terrorist organization.

The United States will be living with the Bush legacy years after the man from Texas is back home on his ranch. Terrorism has grown, not lessened as a result of Iraq.

McCain Aide Asked To Resign

The American political world is still discussing recent remarks by Charlie Black, a foreign policy adviser to John McCain, in which he told Fortune magazine his candidate would benefit from a terrorist attack on America. Mr. Black now says he regrets the words of honesty and terms them “inappropriate” because he recognizes “that John McCain has devoted his entire adult life to protecting his country” against any form of attack by outside forces. Senator McCain is shocked at the comments. However, Mr. Black is absolutely correct in his comments. The entire Republican effort over the past two presidential elections has been to portray America as threatened by outside forces due to the betrayal of this nation by weak liberal Democrats. John McCain deep down in his heart knows a terrorist attack benefits his party.

George Bush went around America in 2004 waving the bloody flag of fear. He demonized Democrats and even described a senator who had lost both arms and legs fighting in Vietnam as a disloyal American. The political world should honor Mr. Black for finally admitting the real story behind Republican efforts to win elections. Mr. Black is the first Republican to speak the truth about how his party wins–smear, swiftboat, and claiming the mantle of patriotism.

Kafka Story In Modern Czech Republic

Professor Mark Tomass was on a normal bus trip from Moravia to Prague when suddenly he discovered himself trapped in a Kafka story that was only too real. Tomass isa Syrian born American who had just finished teaching a class when he boarded the hopped on the bus to return home. Tomass received his cup of coffee from the stewardess but his head remained focused on his lap top where he was working on a story. After the bus stopped, Tomass noticed the passenger who had been sitting next to him talking excitedly to the police. Tomass shrugged his head and returned to his lap top when he felt a tap on his shoulder and soon realized a policeman was beckoning him outside. He was told the police had been informed by a passenger that the words “Al Jazeera” had appeared on the screen of his lap top and they wanted to know what he was doing.

The police took his passport and began to fill out a report while one made a call to get a background check on the man who was writing about Al Jazeera. Tomass argued with the police but the background check apparently neve turned up any incriminating evidence and he was allowed back on the bus. The Prague department of the State Police confirmed the incident but said the case was closed.

This is a case of the ignorant pestering those who have knowledge in order to make certain that ignorance might possible triumph over stupdity.

India Seeks Accord With Pakististan Despite Terrorism

The government of India is proceeding with efforts to reach agreemnts with Pakistan despite recent terror incidents such as the recent bombing in Jaipur. A source in the Indian government said: “such elements, whoever they are, should not be given a chance to succeed in their designs by stopping the dialogue process whenever a terror incidnt take place.” There is hope in India the accession to power of the Pakistan Peoples Party and its coalition have created th basis for achieving successful compromise agreements on issues such as Kashmir.

The American government continues focusing only on its concerns about terrorism and ignores that such incidents have done more to damage Pakistan-India relations than any other souce. If both nations can reach common accords about the basis of peace, it will go far in making it possible for other agreements that eventually will dramatically reduce the level of violence in both nations.

Bush Ploy-Terrorists Are Headed For America!

George Bush invariably trots out the fear of terrorists headed for America unless the nation follows his failed policies in Iraq. During the 2004 election, Bush used this fear tactic to smear the reputation of a Democratic senator as being a friend of terrorism even though the individual had lost both arms and legs fighting in Vietnam, a war from which Bush made certain, his body was nowhere to be found. In an interview for the Yahoo News and Politico website, the president said a “premature” withdrawal from Iraq would “embolden” extremists throughout the Middle East which would “eventually lead to another attack on the United States.” He insisted not being in Iraq would send out “the wrong signals, it would shake everybody’s nerves, and it would embolden the very same people that we’re trying to defeat.”

Of course, President Bush failed to mention there were no terrorists in Iraq until he launched an invasion of that nation. George Bush is most probably the one who has done the greatest recruiting job for terrorists in the Middle East. It is difficult ascertaining why, if terrorists wanted to strike the United States, they are delaying such action until Americans leave Iraq. Wouldn’t it make sense to strike America now by attacking in order to awaken fears of the need to maintain more troops in America to defend against attacks?

The president did explain how he has sacrificed in the pursuit of victory in Iraq. He decided playing golf “sent out the wrong signal” to those fighting. “I don’t want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander-in-chief playing golf. I feel I owe it to the families to be in soldiarity as best I can with them.” His concern for those who died apparently does not go as far as honoring the dead which he carefully avoids doing.

It is wonderful the president wants to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those who are fighting. Perhaps, he can explain why he used the death of Pat Tillman for political purposes and deliberately lied how this gallant young man died? Perhaps, he can explain his refusal to meet with Mrs. Cindy Sheehan about her son’s death. Perhaps, he can explain why in the midst of war, he urged cutting taxes for the wealthy rather than having them share the burden of war.

Iran Urges Nations To Assist Creating Peaceful Iraq

Iranian Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki urged Iraq’s neighbors to assist the country in its struggle to establish peace and end militant actions. He said the current situation makes it imperative that all nations in the region support the government of Prime Minister Maliki. “The Islamic Republic(of Iran) is highly suspicious,” he said, “of the role of occupyng forces in provoking conflicts.. and Iraq’s political and security woes. It believes that the Iraqi government can better resolve the crises witout the interference of outsiders. Iran firmly believes that leaving the matters in the hands of Iraq nation and its elected government and providing the country’s military and security forces with proper equipment will pave the way for the swift settlement of security and political problems.”

Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki chided regional states for failing to provide aid to his nation such as reducing or eliminating debt owed to them. He urged them to open embassies in Baghdad as a show of support to his government. No ambassador from an Arab state has an embassy in Baghdad since an Egyptian envoy was kidnapped and killed in 2005.

On one hand, the Bush administration charges Iran with fostering violence in Iraq, on the other hand, the government of Iraq praises Iran for its contribution in helping their nation become stable and fight terrorism. Perhaps, it might be beneficial for the Bush administration to get together with the government of Iraq in order to find out who exactly is the enemy. Iraq and the United States have widely differing views on who is aiding terrorism in the region.

Cyber War–Is Star Wars In Our Future?

A conference in London was told NATO now regards the threat of cybe warfare s among the greatest risks societies are facing. Online esionage and Internet-based terrorism now represent some of the most important componenents of present and future wars. Suleyman Anil, who heads NATO’s program to deal with cyberwar, says “we have seen more of these attacks and we don’t think this problem will disappear soon.” An important factor in cyber terrorism are attempts to shut down online communication networks or use the Internet to attack official institutions He warned there are rogue nations which are fostering cyber terrorism. Last year, a gang of hackers, believed to be from China, infiltrated computer systems at the Pentagon and launched attacks on government networks in Britain, Germany, and Australia.

The United States government has currently allocated $6 billion to combat cyber terrorism. Of course, we are still in the infant stage of cyber terrorism and few can grasp what lies in the future. Could cyber terrorists foster a star wars type campaign by gaining control of computers?