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Great Terrorist Plot Fizzles In UK!

Since 2001, the public has been frightened by stories of “terrorists” and plots that were designed to destroy everything democracies believed were essential in their lives. A case against twelve Muslim men involved in what British Prime Minister Gordon Brown classified as a “major terrorist plot” amounted to an email, and a few ambiguous telephone communications about nothing. An embarrassed government had to drop all charges against the men and send them on their way to sabotage and destroy something, but, exactly what they wanted to blow up remains a mystery. Authorities made intensive searches of homes of the accused and did not find explosives, firearms, target lists, documents or any evidence that suggests they have evil aims in mind.

Lord Carlile, reviewer of terror laws, announced he would conduct an investigation into the latest fiasco of “terrorism.” However, the Home Office said it would deport eleven of the men because they were on student visas and, therefore, could be deported. Exactly why they are being deported is clear– get them the hell out of Great Britain before they can discuss this ridiculous case to the media!