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Is This Terrorist A Terrorist?

In the rush to uncover al-Qaeda secret agents, law enforcement authorities are quick to jump on any report that a man seized by the police is a terrorist. A major problem with finding terrorists is their refusal to walk around with signs that tell the world they are wanted by Americans or Pakistanis or someone. Instead, they creep in the shadows of cities lurking in darkened doorways refusing to show their face. So, is it any wonder the police encounter problems finding these mysterious figures of the night? Pakistani police told the Americans they had captured a notorious American jihadist named Adam Gadahn, but, alas it turned out although he was an American, he had the wrong name.

It is time for an international standard for anyone who wants to be a terrorist. They should wear distinctive clothes have their name branded on their bodies, and they should spend the day shouting in Arabic their hatred of the United States. It is time terrorists lived up to their names and openly spread terror.

Bush Lite Named Barack Obama Heavy!

Ah, a year ago so many were happy with the departure of George Bush it meant his policies which violated the Constitution would end now that we had former constitutional professor Barack Obama in the presidency. Alas, the best laid hopes of humans are soon undone once an individual enters the halls of power. Dennis Blair, director of national intelligence told the media he has permission from the Boss himself to take direct action against American citizens who are engaged in possible terrorism activities. “We take direct action against terrorists in the intelligence community. If we think that direct action will involve killing an American, we get specific permission to do that” from higher authority. Of course, Blair assured one and all that killing Americans is not a decision one would rush to do unless there was evidence they were prepared to take action.

Of course, he never defined the meaning of “action,” although he said speaking ordinarily would not be an example of action. How can a former professor of constitutional law agree to murder of American citizens who have never been tried and convicted? Could someone explain to me why FOX News constantly insists Obama is “weak on terrorism?”

No Downloading Bomb Making Manuals?

The war “against terrorism” sparks many interesting approaches on how to prevent suicide bombers from operating in the world. We have people take off their shoes when entering a plane, including a crippled woman sitting in a wheel chair or we carefully pat down a two year old because he might be wearing a vest bomb. Two years ago I was chatting with a teacher at the front entrance to Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn when we noticed an Hispanic woman enter with her one year old boy. Security made the child walk through the metal detector alone. The teacher sighed and said: “When children walk through the entrance of this school they are safe, when they leave they are in danger.”

The Danish Socialist People’s Party wants to prevent terrorism by striking at access to the Internet. Karina Lorentzen noted: “Just like we don’t allow people to surf the Internet for child pornography, we shouldn’t let people download bomb recipes or videos of beheading.” Her comments came after the failed attack by a Somali man at the home of Kurt Westergaard. In Sweden, Lars Vilks received phone calls from Somalia threatening death because he drew caricatures of Muhammad as a dog. Sorry, but these efforts will not prevent terrorist acts anymore than banning people use of cell phones to prevent cell phone attacks.

It’s A Terror Catching Terrorists!

Every time there is an attempt by a terrorist to blow something up, the immediate response is why wasn’t the terrorist identified sooner. Farouk Abdullmutallab, the Nigerian young man, who tried blowing himself up on a plane has created blame calling in the UK and the USA. It appears he was being watched by M15 agents who knew of his contacts with al-Qaeda, but intelligence agents did not place much credence in the idea Farouk might be dangerous. They now insist he was not tagged because his behavior was similar to many young men who had been “reaching out” to extremists. A Whitehall source told the Guardian, “it is becoming clear he had very close contacts across Europe and Africa, some of whom had extreme views” and “there is evidence he held extreme views and was in contact with those who had such view as long as 2007.”

The problem is how does one know when one man is a terrorist and another is simply a blow hard. Reality is there is no particular guaranty that a person who speaks about jihad or hatred of the West is, by definition, a terrorist. There is no “certainty” concerning terrorists, there is only speculation. For each Farouk who tried to explode himself, there are a dozen who talk and boast, but will never implement their words with actions.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post; “Mermaid Heads For China”
She will take the route around Africa.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Woman Takes Child To Jewel Heist”
You can never start to early in life to get a child into an occupation.

South Africa, Argus: “Could President Zuma Smell The Excrement?”
I don’t know, but I am certain President Obama smells it coming out of Congress.

UK, Guardian: “Catholic Church To Receive Anglicans”
Just kiss the papal ring and you’re in.

China, China Daily: “French University Selling Degrees To Chinese”
What will these Chinese think of next about getting into various enterprises?

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Scientists Discover 22 New Planets”
They are headed as far away as they can get from we Earthians!

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Want To Get Pregnant-Just Relax”
Let the Viagra do its work.

Israel, Haaretz: “How Can Jews Have Interfaith Dialogue With Anti-Semite Muslims”
In the same manner that Muslims can have interfaith dialogue with anti-Muslim Jews!

Sweden, The Local: “Bicyclist Fined For Seeking Alcohol Test”
We only handle drunk car drivers.

Rapists OK, Serial Killers OK, Terrorists, NO.

Republican political leaders will go down in history as among the least able to present a coherent point of view when it comes to responding to anything that President Obama proposes. Two Republican senators are holding up the appointment of former Republican congressman, John McHugh as Secretary of the Army, until they get answers to questions about whether or not terrorists might be housed at the Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth. I gather this means it is OK in Kansas for rapists to be hold in the Barracks or serial killers or child molesters, but, God forbid someone ACCUSED of being a terrorist is sent to this well guarded fort and everyone in Kansas rushes to get new locks for their doors.

Leavenworth is already a tough high-security facility with an excellent record of dealing with hardened criminals. Honest, Kansans, the evil ACCUSED terrorists will not enter your homes to rape and kill. If I was from Kansas I might worry more about my neighbor as the killer than someone locked in Fort Leavenworth.

We All Stand With The People Of Mumbai!

The attacks on Mumbai by fanatics whose only goal in life is the end of life can not be allowed to deter those who work for peace. One views pictures of dead bodies, men and women fleeing while holding the hands of children, flaming buildings, and police holding weapons while gazing confusedly towards the darkness of evil. The men who carried out the attacks undoubtedly believe they are engaged in some great movement to liberate the people of Pakistan or India or wherever, but their only goal is to plunge a knife into the hearts of devout Muslims who know their religion does not allow the death of innocent men, women, and children.

Terrorists regard themselves as noble warriors who in death free oppressed Muslims in the world. They function in darkness, they target women and children, they creep through the sewers of society smiling as they hurl a grenade into a hospital with sick people and children and smile gleefully as the bodies of the innocent lie in pools of blood. The terrorists of Mumbai are among the most emotionally disabled people in the world. Their faces never gaze in love or tenderness toward humanity since to them death and destruction are the meaning of life. Is this what the prophet Muhammad wanted in the world?

A mistake on the part of the government of India is to strike out against its Muslim citizens. They are innocent victims since Muslims died in Mumbai along with Hindus and Christians. If the Indian government lashes out at its Muslim citizens it will enable the terrorists to claim victory.

Now is the time for Muslim clerics throughout the world to issue a statement condemning the attacks on Mumbai and standing as one with the people of India.

Palin Breaks With McCain On Gay Marriage

Governor Sarah Palin in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network said she supported a federal constitutional amendment which ban gay marriages. “I have voted along with the vast majority of Alaskans who had the opportunity to vote to amend our Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman. I wish on a federal level that’s where we would go. I don’t support gay marriage.” Senator McCain has consistently insisted he is against gay marriages but wants the issue handled at the state, not the federal level.

The Alaska governor once again reaffirmed her view that Obama had been “palling around with terrorists.” For some reason, Governor Palin did not denounce all individuals in America who “pal around with terrorists.” Her husband is closely allied with an Alaska secessionist political party that wants the state to secede from the Union. The last time that occurred was in 1861, and we all know the terror created by those secessionists.

It would be clearer if Sarah Palin was consistent about the “palling around with terrorist” issue. Oh, Ms. Palin, since you are married to a man who wants to destroy the United States does that mean you “pal around with terrorists?”

The Politics Of Terrorism– No Remorse For Deaths

Three Islamic militants who carried out the terror bombing in Bali in 2002 have made clear their pride in the destruction caused by their action. They told the media the October 12, 2002 attacks on the resort island were meant to punish the United States and its allies and they expressed joy at having killed so many foreign tourists, especially Australians. “I don’t have and never will have regrets,” said Samudra and his words were greeted with approval by the other men who will shortly be executed for their terror attack. Australian Brian Deegan, whose son died in the bombing, said the men have not shown any sign of remorse. They killed the innocent but have transformed the deed into an act of heroism and bravery.

Executions in Indonesia are ordinarily carried out by a firing squad. The only good news about the men who belonged to the Jemaah Islamiyah is their organization has been crushed as a result of fierce campaign to end terrorism in the region.

September 11 And Responsibility For Terror!

On the seventh anniversary of the attack on the United States by terrorists, President Bush told the government of Pakistan it must do more in the fight against terrorism. “Defeating these terrorists and extremists is also Pakistan’s responsibility because every nation has a responsibility to govern its territory and make certain that it does not become a safe haven for terrorists.” His words are interesting in a manner the president would not grasp. Even as he spoke US drones were attacking in Pakistan’s Tribal regions resulting in the death of at least 17 civilians on Monday, five women and children on Friday, and a complete disregard to human life on the part of American leaders. Does the United States have an obligation to avoid employing terrorist methods in order to defeat terrorists?

Prime Minister Gilani of Pakistan decried these attacks on his nation as violating the rights of a nation to protect its people against violence. At no place in his speech, did President Bush acknowledge that his blundering policies in Iraq SPAWNED TERRORISM. There were no terrorists until American invaded Iraq and transformed it into the haven that attracted terrorists from throughout the world.

The use of drone planes in Afghanistan and Pakistan arose from inability on the part of American military leaders to put in the field sufficient numbers of ground forces. Had the Iraq forces been sent to Afghanistan, the war there would now be over and terrorists defeated.