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Thai Students Protest, Thai Students Caned!

A teacher at a school in Bangkok has been accused of caning eight students, including a girl who was allegedly struck 18 times. Students had skipped class in order to participate in demonstrations against a proposal which would have relocated their school in order to make way for a new parliamentary site. The teacher, Ms. Suwattana, was accused by parents of employing excessive violence against students who were not engaged in any personal activities, but attempting to do something they believed was important to their school. More than 500 students joined in the demonstrations. Actually, on the day of the protest the school suspended classes because so many students were absent.

The girl who was struck 18 times said it was in full view of her classmates but the other truants only received a few blows. Parents insist the school take disciplinary action against the teacher. The Office of the Basic Education Commission said regulations do not permit corporal punishment os students. Teachers are expected to use verbal reasoning with students in dealing with disciplinary issues.

A wise teacher who endeavored to stimulate critical thinking might have used the protest as part of a lesson on how individuals deal with conflict.