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No See, Hear, Speak Evil About Burma Military Junta!

The continued stubborness of the Burmese military junta which has controlled that unfortunate nation for forty years is only matched by the reluctance of Western nations to utter a word of complaint about these ruthless creatures who are endangering the lives of thousands. Shari Villarosa, of the US Embassy in Yangon, when asked about reactions to the delay in allowing aid relief, could only respond: “At the moment, it’s all about the humanitarian catastrophe.” Unfortunately, the catastrophe requires exerting pressure on the junta whose paranoid behavior is literally unmatched in the contemporary world.

A dual message is being conveyed to the generals who run Myanmar, one is that acting stubborn will result in other nations backing away from being critical. The other message is their absolute power will remain unchallenged for years to come.

Is there any pressure that can be exerted upon the military junta? At present, the Burmese junta relies upon the support of India, China, and Thailand, three nations which can place pressure, if they are confronted by the outside world. China needs her Olympics and quiet suggestions can be made about possible consequences if the Chinese refuse to use their leverage on Burma’s rulers. The same mght apply to Thailand and India.