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“Not For Distribution” About Israel

Frank Lutz, a prominent Republican pollster is working for a group named “The Israel Project” which contains members from both sides of the aisle in Congress. A recent report from Lutz argued the need to smear opponents of Prime Minister Netanyahu. “The idea that anywhere that you have Palestinians, there can’t be Jews, that some areas have to be Jew-free, is a racist idea. We don’t say that we have to cleanse out Arabs from Israel. They are citizens of Israel. They enjoy equal rights. We cannot see why it is that peace requires that any palestinian area would require a kind of ethnic cleansing to remove Jews.”

Wow!! Where does one begin to deal with this misinformation and blatant lying? The West Bank, according to the UN Partition Plan was reserved for an Arab state. Israel seized the area during the 1967 war and it became occupied territory. According to international law a nation can not colonize with its own citizens land that belongs to another nation. Please inform Israel Arabs they now possess “equal rights!!”

Those who care about Israel understand the best security for Jews and Arabs is peace, not war, no land aggression, not spreading lies. Arab nations for the first time in history are prepared to negotiate for peace with Israel. Groups like The Israel Project” would best be termed: “The Anti-Israel Project.”