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Stand By Your Man, I Mean Flag, Shouts Huckabee!

There are political slanderers and there are political panderers in American poliitics, Mike Huckabee certainly should be awarded an Oscar for his recent mud slinging episode in South Carolina. The Arkansas traveler has decided the critical issue confronting the people of South Carolinia is not the collapse of the stock market or the housing crisis, but flying the Confederate flag. Mr. Huckabee, who describes himself as a “Christian candidate,” displayed good Christian ethics by telling South Carolinians, “You don’t want anyone from out of state coming down and telling you what to do with your flag,” do you? He was resurrecting a topic that had been put to rest eight years ago when the Confederate flag was removed from atop the state legislature. The flag issue was a not so subtle attack on Senator John McCain who supports removal of the Confederate flag.

Senator McCain, who actually fought under the American flag, something never done by patriotic Huckabee who apparently feels more dedicated to preserving the flag of the Confederacy than that of the United States of America, praised South Carolinians for getting rid of a symbol which represents an episode in the past that is over. Even Fred Thompson who needs a strong showing in the state refused to pander to voters aboout the flag and noted it wa a “symbol of racism.” Mr. Huckabee may well win in South Carolna, by resorting to the tactics of smear and racism, but the nation is watching and the nation will turn away from such low life tactics. You may gain a few votes, Mr. Huckabee, but for a Christian candidate is it worth the loss of your soul?

McCain Blasts Republican Rivals As Draft Dodgers

Senator John McCain, who served in the military during the Vietnam War, criticized his Republican opponents for their failure to serve in the military. In discussion of issues such as torture, he said, “There’s a clear division between those who have a military background and experience in these issues and people like Giuliani, Romney and Thompson who didn’t–who chose to do other things when this nation was fighting its wars,” Mitt Romney responded that while he never served, he did service in private, public and nonprofit sectors which was “highly relevant to lead the nation at a time when we face such extraordinary challenges.” Rudy Giuliani continued praising himself for knowing more about fighting terrorism than anyone else because “I’ve faced crisis more than the other ones have.” McCain was angry that Rudy G. backed use of waterboarding during interrogations. Senator McCain pointed out that anyone who has served in the military knows that torture “cannot be condoned.” He also pointed out that neither of his opponents had been criticizing the Bush failed policies in Iraq while he had constantly been urging sending more troops to do the job. None of the three joined the military during the Vietnam war and Giuliani got draft deferments to remain in college while Romney got a draft deferment so he could spread Mormonism, and Thompson was married.

I believe Senator McCain is off base on his criticism. After all, Mayor Rudy Giuliani demonstrated his bravery under fire by ordering Palestinian leader Arafat to be escorted out of a concert hall while attending a UN session. That action required as much bravery as what McCain encountered fighting against people who actually shot back at him. And, lest we not forget, the mayor walked the streets of New York during 9/11 escorted by about fifty policemen. Certainly, his heroism should be acknowledged by McCain. I guess McCain must have strong feelings about the lack of service by Cheney and his fellow coward, Bush.