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It’s OK, Say China Officials About Three Gorges Dam

Chinese officials are claiming there are no environmental problems connected with building the Three Gorges Dam even though environmentalists have noted miles of mud slides and considerable erosion around the dam. There is no question, Chinese officials feel very defensive over a project that so far has cost about $23 billion. As they claim no problems, people in the area are daily encountering problems due to building this huge project without adequate thought concerning what its impact will be on the local environment. Perhaps, one day, when China has a truly democratic government issues such as pollution and environment will be discussed in newspapers and on the media. Until then, we can expect nothing more than everything is OK in the Chinese nation.

Dams Or Environment– The Fight In Chile

Environmentalists in Chile are rallying to halt construction of massive new dams by an international conglomeration of American, Spanish, and Chilean corporations. Opponents fear the dams and accompanying transmission lines would be socially and environmentally devastating to pristine areas of southern Chile. Environmentalists believe Chile can attain its electricity needs through other means. Aquillino Olivares, a self described “campesino” who lives near the proposed site commented: “If we want to give Chile electricity, we have the northern desert where we can put up windmills and solar panels.” He noted people in his area use solar panels.

Chile, like many nations engaged in massive changes brought on by a rapidly developing economy require extensive energy sources. Ironically, as they economically expand there are coinciding environmental issues such as pollution of water sources and bringing changes to areas by constructing dams. China built the Three Gorges dam project and now has discovered it is causing devastating negative consequences to the local area include mud slides around the edges of the dam. It is estimated nearly 4 million people will have to be moved in the coming decade due to construction of these massive dams. Chilean environmentalists seek new ways of gaining access to energy sources without damage to existing physical conditions.

Ecological Disaster Possible In Three Gorges Area Of China

There is increasing evidence of potential serious ecological problems caused by construction of the Three Gorges Reservoir which is the largest dam in the world. Over 1.4 million people have already been displaced by its construction and it now appears an additional 4 million will have to be moved. According to experts, there is serious “ecological deterioration caused by irrational developments” which has resulted in the shores of the reservoir collapsing in 91 places with a total of 36 kilometers caving in. The presence of people only adds to environmental problems created by construction of the dam.

Prior to building the Three Gorges Dam, many environmental experts warned of potential dangers but the Chinese government was determined to have a massive dam. The results are evident in landslides and damage to the local ecology of the area around the dam.