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China Again Clicks Button On Tibet Clique Complaint

The Chinese government is so concerned in proving to the world the Dalai Lama is part of some grand conspiracy aimed to obtaining independence for Tibet, it is incapable of ever actually listening to the words of the peaceful leader of his desire for autonomy within the nation of China. Once again Chinese official sources claim the Dalai Lama is on a global tour aimed at pushing the idea of a “China threat” to the West. China insists, “some forces want to use Dalai clique to put greater pressure on China” by internationalizing the Tibet issue. It is upset the “Dalai clique” wants an investigation into events of the March riots in Tibet. The bottom line, according to Beijing, is that “after five decades of life in exile, the Dalai clique has learned how to cater to the West by flaunting human rights, peace, environment protection and culture, among others.”

Perhaps, there is another way to examine the issue of spending half a century in exile. Perhaps, the Dalai Lama seeks to achieve peace for his people and some form of protection of their cultural values within the greater context of life in a Chinese nation. Perhaps, there is no “clique,” but only frustrated people seeking to reconcile their desires for a peaceful resolution of issues.