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New Violence In Tibet

New violence has broken out in volatile Tibet leaving a reported eight dead according to Tibetan human rights sources. The London based Free Tibet Campaign said police on Friday fired on hundreds of Buddhist monks and civilians who marched on local government offices to demand the release of two monks who were detained for possessing photographs of the Dalai Lama. Xinhua News Agency, which represents the views of the Chinese government, reported that government official was seriously injured in some type of conflict with someone, most probably the so-called “suicide squads” supposedly organized by “terrorist” Tibetans. According to official reports, an official was “attacked and seriously wounded” which necessitated the police to fire “warning shots and put down the volence.”

Spokespeople for the Free Tibet Campain insist the incident began due to efforts of Chinese officials to compel monks to denounce the Dalai Lama and when monks refused to allow entry into the Garze monastery, a conflict to ensued. This resulted in 700 monks and 400 civilians marching on a local government headquaters where the shooting began. Wtnesses said at least three monks and a woman were among the dead.

The Chinese government is doing everything in its power to cause protests, and even boycotts of the Olympics. If more monks are killed it might result in some athletes of government to boycott the entire Olympics.

Protests In Tibet Turn Violent

The Tibetan capital of Lhasa has been transformed into a scene of violent anger as the most open and fierce anti-government protests in years burst into the open. Armed police used water cannon and teargas on crowds and witnesses claim security vehicles were set on fire and Chinese drivers carried off with bloodied faces after being beaten by a mob of young Tibetans. the US Embassy in Beijing claim it has received reports of gunfire in the city. The protests come just a few months before China was on the world stage due to the presence of the 2008 Olympic Games. A resident told reporters from the Guardian newspaper, “I saw Tibetans throwing stones at the vehicles. They dragged drivers from vehicles, took off their uniforms and helmets, then beat them.”

The Chinese government has yet to issue a statement regarding the incident and most probably seeks to keep things quiet. A blogger who writes from Lhasa, under the name Beifang, offered a similar account of violence saying “police cars and fire engines were outside smashed and burned.” He claims to have heard gunshots.

Protests by monks on Monday appear to have sparked the growing feeling of resentment which many Tibetans harbor toward the Chinese. Armed police have locked down monasteries, but that will not halt the fierce hostility toward the Chinese occupation of Tibet by the local population. Perhaps, it is time for China to accord real local autonomy to the people of Tibet